Al Fajr Nursery Dubai

Dr. Michael’s School Project Visits Al Fajr Nursery

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14th June 2017, Dubai, UAE: Dr. Sosan Fatima visited the kids of Al Fajr Nursery in Dubai for our School Project initiative.

Al Fajr Nursery has a wonderful mission which involves encouraging children to be creative, curious and confident.

Al Fajr Nursery

“Our trip to Al Fajr Nursery was a lot of fun,” said Dr. Sosan. “The kids were made aware of our visit ahead of time and when we got there at 10am, they were ready to see us. In addition, they were highly attentive as well as extremely interactive.”

Al Fajr Nursery

“We started with an interactive Q&A session and discussed their personal oral hygiene routines. After which, I conducted a video presentation, a workshop on brushing teeth, dental screenings and played songs to ensure the kids were comfortable and happy. I screened 55 children ranging from 2 ½ years to 4 years old.”

Al Fajr Nursery

“The kids were absolutely fantastic and very cooperative. We ended our session at 12pm. I’d like to thank all the children, teachers and coordinators at Al Fajr Nursery. You all made our visit lovely and memorable!”

Al Fajr Nursery
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