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ExpatWoman Review: Brighten Your Smile with Dr. Michael's

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Last Saturday, Rebecca from ExpatWoman Dubai came over for Zoom! Professional Whitening treatment with our Dental Hygienist Rahleh.

Rebecca is not new when it comes to teeth whitening. She’s tried so many methods like over-the-counter whitening strips, toothpastes, gels, even oil pulling and even had teeth whitening treatment before.

Here are a few snippets from her review.

“My treatment was performed by trained dental professional and Dental Hygienist, Rahleh, who was absolutely brilliant throughout. She ensured I was comfortable at all times... And she's very good at understanding basic sign language and signals. Useful when you can't really talk!”

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Despite having my teeth whitened before, I still had areas where there was discolouration to my teeth or an imbalance in colour; for instance, Rahleh explained that while my two front teeth were of an okay colour, the two incisors and canines next along were darker and more yellow.

If you're thinking of undergoing teeth whitening yourself, just know that it is completely safe for your teeth! It doesn't damage your enamel. The gel's active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide, which breaks down into oxygen that removes the stains from your fangs, leaving the shape of your tooth structure unchanged.

Since undergoing my treatment at Dr. Michael's my teeth are all an equal shade and very bright, which I absolutely love! I've not stopped smiling, in fact.”