Dr. Omar Aldaoudi

ExpatWoman Review: Dental Check-up With Dr. Omar Aldaoudi

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Photo: Yul

9th March 2016, Dubai, UAE: Yul from ExpatWoman saw our Specialist Prosthodontist Dr. Omar Aldaoudi for a general dental checkup. Here are some tidbits from his experience.

“Dr Omar is a Prosthodontist, a specialist in the restoration and replacement of teeth. He was very cheerful and friendly and his attitude immediately reassured whatever hesitance that was left in me. He asked some questions pertaining to my physical conditions, to make sure that I was up for the check-up before we proceeded to the examination.”

“After the initial check-up I found myself asking some questions which he answered patiently. He made some suggestions on how to improve my oral health and gave me information about the status of my teeth.”

Yul dental checkup
Photo: Yul

“Taking everything into account I was very satisfied with the experience. Everyone were very friendly, accommodating and the overall ambiance was very relaxing and comfortable. Dr. Omar was very patient with me, he made me feel at ease and his explanations were very easy to understand. I'm already planning for a dental cleaning and considering the standard set by Dr Michael's Dental Clinic, I will not settle for anything less and I will definitely go back for any dental needs that I have to Dr Michael's.”

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