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ExpatWoman Visit: Teeth Cleaning with Hygienist Alessandro

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20th April 2016, Dubai, UAE: Eleusis from ExpatWoman wear braces and like a number of people who are having orthodontic treatments, he felt like he wasn’t doing a proper job cleaning his teeth.

He made an appointment with our dental hygienist Alessandro in our Umm Suqeim clinic. Here’s an excerpt from his experience.

“Alessandro was very friendly, he assisted me to the dental chair, his first question was ‘when was the last time I had my dental cleaning’, I honestly told him that it was almost 4 months ago from a different dental clinic. Truth be told however, the last dental cleaning that I had wasn't satisfying, so I can't even consider it as a proper teeth cleaning.”

“After being settled in for the dental service, Alessandro started cleaning my teeth. I've read a number of reviews from some of Alessandro's patients on how he does his work and found out myself that he is indeed very methodical, thorough, yet gentle in his approach. He started with my upper teeth and works his way around my lower teeth, every nook and cranny of my teeth were given special attention and care. I could feel with each stroke, brush and floss, my teeth were being cleaned thoroughly and I was pretty confident that he wasn't missing any part. After cleaning my teeth he also tended to my braces and I was given a cleaning treatment to ensure that my braces would look shiny, clean and brand new.”

“I haven't had a dental cleaning experience as pleasant as the one that I had at Dr Michael's, it wasn't messy at all, never thought that I would enjoy a dental cleaning to the point that I wouldn't realize that it was already done.”

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