Misconceptions on Children’s Oral Health

Dr. Rafif Tayara Talks About the Misconceptions on Children’s Oral Health at Green Grass Nursery


Our Specialist Pedodontist Dr. Rafif Tayara joins Pediatrician Dr. Elena Andrioti and Psychologist Dr. Sarah Rizk in a coffee morning at Green Grass Nursery.

The coffee morning was held for mums with kids in preschool and primary school, and Dr. Rafif discussed the parent’s most common misconceptions about oral health in children.

“Everyone takes their child to see a pediatrician at a very young age, before the age of 1, but not many people take their children to see a pediatric dentist at a very early age,” said Dr. Rafif.

Dr. Sarah Rizk and Dr. Rafif Tayara

“A lot of people say that milk teeth don’t matter, but the truth is when milk teeth are infected and if they have cavities, it affects the quality life of the child. I see a lot of patients with cavities, the rate of children with cavities in the UAE is very high, it’s 80%.”

“A child with cavities cannot eat well, cannot drink well, can’t go to school and is in serious pain. This child has a dental abscess (example shown on the projector) he has to go to be hospitalized.”

Dr. Rafif stressed on the seriousness of neglecting the milk teeth. “Dental caries or severe cavities is the number one reason for hospitalization of very young patients here in the UAE.”

She also showed the moms photos of cavities in children. “Cavities come in all shapes, forms and colors. Some mothers may think that what they see on their child’s teeth is just a stain or yellow spots on the teeth. A cavity in the tooth always start as a white spot. When it progresses, the cavity becomes yellow or brown, and can progress into darker colors.“

“This is why early it’s very important to detect them early so the pediatric dentist can treat them early.

She continued to tackle more misconceptions that parents have about their children’s oral health like ‘juices are healthy’, ‘first dental visit should be done when my child is in pain, ‘fluoride in toothpaste is toxic and many more.

Dr. Rafif will unlock many more of those myths in the upcoming combined workshop with Dr. Sarah Rizk and Dr Elena Andrioti.