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Mommy in Dubai Review: Dr. Michael's Children's Dental Center

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Photo: Corrine,

9th May 2016, Dubai, UAE: It’s no secret that a visit to the dentist does not make it to anyone’s favorite-things-to-do list. This is probably because of some traumatic experiences you have had in the past or some unpleasant stories you heard from a friend.

And this is exactly why it is important for parents to bring their children to the dentist at an early age – to acclimate them to the dentist’s office (make them feel at home), and of course, to give professional attention to their teeth and gums.

Last week, expat blogger Corrine brought her two kids to see Dr. Chantal Kengo at the Children’s Dental Center. Check out her review here.

Here are some snippets from their visit:

“This was my very first time taking the children to visit a dentist in Dubai. I never had that gut feeling I could trust one here, therefor would only book them in with my family dentist in Toronto…yes a 12 hour direct flight away! I’m nuts!”

“Ruby & Nate were both booked in with Dr. Chantal. A very friendly French lady. She was so great with the kids. She started with greeting them in the waiting area and creating a fun conversation. She asked if they wanted to visit her friends in the office. The children were curios and said yes (5 minutes prior they wanted to go home). They quickly followed Dr. Chantal. She showed them her room and all the wonderful, charming things she had on display that they could touch and play with. All types of toys and books! And a very funny set of monkeys with shinny teeth!”

“It was not long before we came back to visit Dr. Chantal though (just this past Thursday) to correct Ruby’s sugar bugs. The experience was so SO nice. She truly has a magic touch with kids and Ruby was not frightened by any of the process. She explains everything in such a funny way. And check out the amazing TV screen RIGHT on the ceiling! Who could complain with service like that!”

“Highly, HIGHLY recommend Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic!”