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Mum of Boys Review: Dr. Michael’s Children’s Dental Center

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20th December 2015, Dubai: Louise from Mum of Boys brought her sons Wilfred and Stanley to Dr. Michael's Children's Dental Center to see our Specialist Pediatric Dentist Dr. Chantal Kengo.

Here are some tidbits from their visit, and you can read her complete review here.

“I took both the boys along to the Al Wasl clinic on a Saturday afternoon. And when we arrived and walked into the bright waiting room, I wished we’d arrived earlier and had longer to hang around before our appointment.

Stanley brushing
Photo: Louise from Mum of Boys

There were toys, there were books, there were complimentary healthy snacks and juice, there was a fish tank, there was even a garden with bikes they could head outside and ride. And if you are still struggling, there are even iPads available on loan, filled with kiddie appropriate apps and movies. And for the adults, there was coffee. On tap. I know; it’s exciting.

Stanley, Mum of Boys
Photo: Louise from Mum of Boys

Stanley had his turn first, delighted by the fact the chair moved up and down (he was allowed to go up and down at least 5 times, squealing with excitement every time) – and very happily opening his mouth and letting Dr Chantal have a look, before she gave his teeth a good brush and gave me tips on the correct way to do it at home.

Wilfred wasn’t quite so compliant, but Dr Chantal knew exactly what to do. She told me to sit him on my lap facing towards me, before gently lying him down so she could look in his mouth. A few minutes later and we were done. I couldn’t believe how easy it had been.”

Wilfred and Stanley
Photo: Louise from Mum of Boys