Canadian Montessori Center

Dr. Michael’s School Project goes to Canadian Montessori Center

Our School Project team visits the toddlers, pre-KG and KG students of Canadian Montessori Center in Dubai.

Our School Project team led by Dr. Sosan Fatima visited the toddlers, pre-KG and KG students of Canadian Montessori Center in Dubai last Thursday, 16th of November.

The team kicked off the session with a talk about oral hygiene.

“Establishing a connection with very young children takes a lot of understanding, patience and practice. I make sure that the talk I give is age-appropriate in order for me to capture the engagement of the children no matter their age,” said Dr. Sosan.

“It’s very important that the children understand oral hygiene – that brushing their teeth is something that they should do every day to keep their teeth healthy. Of course, the parents should always be there to supervise their children’s brushing and flossing. But they have to build and instill oral hygiene habits in their children at a very young age.”

Dr. Sosan also talked about nutrition and proper eating habits.

“We did basic dental screening for the children and I had a report card that they can take home and show their parents. The record card bears findings from the dental screening plus additional recommendations if necessary.”

“Special thanks to all the teachers and coordinators who helped us to make this visit successful.”

To arrange a visit to your school or a class fieldtrip to Dr. Michael’s Children’s Dental Center in Dubai, please call our School Project Coordinator at 04-3397700.