Kids Plannet ELC

Dr. Michael's School Project Goes To Kiddy Planet ELC

Dr. Sosan Fatima visited Kiddy Planet ELC to spread awareness about proper oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist.

28th October 2017, Dubai, UAE: As part of our ongoing school project program, our School Project Coordinator Dr. Sosan Fatima, visited Kiddy Planet ELC in Umm Suqeim and Al Quoz on the 3rd and 4th of October.

A presentation was given to the students of FS from both branches. There were 50 children from Umm Suqeim and 25 children from Al Quoz who attended dental presentations in two groups.

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Kiddy Planet ELC

There was also a Q&A session which helped us interact with the children and learn more about their brushing routine and flossing habits. This also helped us find out if their parents were helping them brush their teeth or if they were brushing their teeth by themselves.

Pediatric dentists recommend that parents should brush their child's teeth until they are about 5 to 8 years old. It’s also important that parents continue to supervise their children's brushing until the age 10 to 12. This is to make sure that the kids are doing it efficiently.

Kiddy Planet ELC

After the highly interactive session, we carried out dental check-ups for each child and last but not least we had a workshop on toothbrushing techniques.

Finally, we concluded our dental segment at 12:00pm by thanking all the kids, teachers and coordinators for having us over at their wonderful nursery.