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ExpatWoman Dental Hygiene Review: Home From Home Dental Oasis

Planning for a dental hygienist visit? Check out the latest professional teeth scaling and polishing review from Chrissie of ExpatWoman Dubai.

26th May 2015, Dubai, UAE: Chrissie from ExpatWoman visited our dental hygienist Alessandro for teeth cleaning – scale and polish. Here’s an excerpt from her experience.

"Most dental clinics feel all too sterile for me, when I arrived at this haven I couldn’t believe my eyes – bright and airy, lots of greenery, fishes happily swimming around in their fish tank, comfortable seating with lots of cushions, tea and coffee making facilities and the beautiful gardens resembling serenity with water features and play areas for children.

Alessandro welcomed me and showed me into his treatment room. After a quick chat about my dental history and any current issues I sat back into the ergonomic dental chair... which happens to be super plush and very comfortable, so comfortable I wanted to go to sleep especially after a long day at the office. He set about checking my teeth, taking a few photos to put up on the screen in front of us before proceeding to show me the plaque build-up and areas of concern for me. Fortunately my teeth aren't too bad however lack of flossing is starting to cause me issues.

I was taken aback with the modern equipment Alessandro is using, everything fitted conveniently within easy reach for the dentist, the Ultrasonic Scaler machine with its clever digital display and smart looking tools ready for action off to one side, putting me instantly at ease knowing I'm going to get great service with such professional tools. I also spotted the Philips Zoom teeth whitening machine which got me thinking about having my teeth whitened, making a mental note to ask about after the treatment!"

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