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Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic Visits Kids Spot Nursery

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25th February 2016, Dubai, UAE: Dr. Sosan Fatima, our School Projects Coordinator, visited Kids Spot Nursery in Jumeirah as part of Dr. Michael’s free oral health awareness program for the schoolchildren of Dubai.

“The trip to Kids Spot Nursery was fantastic! I have seen 42 children aged 14 months to 3yrs. There were a few of the kids who weren’t too keen to see a dentist and I personally enjoyed it when they started warming up halfway through the session,” said Dr. Fatima.

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“Out of curiosity, some of the kids were looking around as we were setting up. They are trying to find out who we were and why we’re there. We started with an interactive Q&A session regarding their personal oral hygiene, followed by a fun video presentation to make them more at ease. After the presentation, we did a dental checkup for all the children and a workshop on brushing.”

“I’d like to thank Kids Spot Nursery, the very helpful and energetic teachers, coordinators, and of course, the children for having us over.”

To arrange a dental visit to your school or a class dental fieldtrip to Dr. Michael’s Children’s Dental Center, please contact our School Project Coordinator at 04-3397700.

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