Dr. Haidi Omar

Specialist in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (Lebanon)


Jumeirah Clinic, Dubai

With a little over a decade of experience in this industry, Dr. Haidi Omar brings to the table a varied set of skills and expertise that encompasses different spectrums of orthodontics.

From obtaining her bachelor’s in dental surgery to focusing on her core specializations such as orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, Dr. Haidi possesses proficient knowledge in transforming smiles and changing lives.

Having an affirmative belief that orthodontics has the power to move people’s smiles and influence their confidence, Dr. Haidi steps beyond the realm of conventional orthocare and has equipped key skills such as:

Dr. Haidi stands as an active and notable member of the European Orthodontic Society, demonstrating avid commitment to the field. Notably, her dedication to advancing knowledge earned her the prestigious accolade of being named the best research presenter at the European Orthodontic Society congress held in France, over a competitive pool of over 300 participants.

Beyond her academic achievements, Dr. Haidi’s sense of community shines as she fronts oral screening campaigns aimed at the early identification of jaw problems in developing children.

“My golden rule is to treat everyone the same way you want others to treat your kids.”

Up, Close & Personal

I believe dentistry is a dynamic profession. This means that each case is unique, like a fingerprint, with different characteristics and needs different treatment approaches. That’s what’s interesting about orthodontics; treating patients in this field is not a recipe.

Another blessing is that orthodontic treatment takes months, which creates a bond between me and the patient. We get to have fun and share stories, and with time, we forget that it is a dental visit.


We can already see what the future holds with recent technologies. My predictions are that, soon, dental medicine will be fully digitized, with the potential of gene-altering technologies to prevent caries and periodontal diseases and much more.

Reading books, cooking, baking, and singing. Also, since I’m a family person, I like spending quality time with my family.

Be patient and trust your orthodontist; patience is the highest level of discipline. Especially in any orthodontic treatment journey. And with trust, you will enjoy the treatment journey.

I don’t want patients to enjoy only the last visit when it’s time to remove braces or finish aligners. I want them to enjoy every visit, knowing it will result in a smile even better than what they had in mind.

My work process is simple. It revolves around approaching patients with kindness, active listening to their chief complaint and treatment expectations, providing them with options to keep them involved and delivering what I promised always.

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