Dr. Khalid Aldabbas

General Dentist, Specialist in Aesthetic Dentistry

DDS, MSc in Restorative Aesthetic Dentistry & Full Oral Rehabilitation(Spain)

Umm Suqeim Clinic, Dubai

With noteworthy experience in the industry for 9+ years, Dr. Khalid Aldabbas has successfully portrayed the erudite facet of himself, in his work and achievements surrounding the spectrum of dentistry. In addition to his DDS, Dr. Khalid pursued a master’s degree in restorative aesthetic dentistry and full oral rehabilitation from the International University of Catalonia in Spain.

As a person with a fervent passion for helping his patients regain the lost confidence in their lives, Dr. Khalid Aldabbas demonstrates his proponency by being an active speaker at the European Orthodontic Society Congress in Spain.

When he is not advocating for the advancement of full mouth rehabilitation and full smile makeovers, Dr. Khalid broadens his experience, to accommodate the aesthetic and restorative needs of patients. Some of Dr. Khalid’s works include:

  • Full mouth rehabilitation and a full smile makeover
  • Full smile makeover using E-Max veneers and Feldspathic veneers
  • Direct composite veneers and cosmetic fillings
  • Inlays and Onlays, along with different designs of porcelain, restoring worn-out teeth

Dr. Khalid considers his most significant accomplishments to be his patients’ improved smiles. With a motto to provide patients with the best dental treatment that fits their case, Dr. Khalid actively perseveres toward transforming forlorn frowns into healthy and happy smiles.

Dr. Khalid reiterates the significance of practicing preventative dentistry, to preserve their natural smiles.

Outside the dentist’s office, Dr. Khalid swaps his dental headgear for a helmet, as he enjoys cycling along the cityscapes of Dubai. Hiking, traveling in and across the UAE, and playing beach tennis are some of the other ways in which Dr. Khalid makes use of his free time.

Preventive measures are the best treatment you can have for your teeth

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Dr. Khalid Aldabbas

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Patients say about Dr. Khalid Aldabbas


Up, Close & Personal

Restorative dentistry and full smile makeovers other then building a new smile for my patient. Practicing dentistry also plays a big role in their psychological state and how it can impact my patients in their social life bringing them back a more confident and an enhanced life style

The future of dentistry is evolving very much every year. we see how technology and artificial intelligence functioning in its best way providing the most advanced and beneficial care to the dental world.

Cycling, beach tennis, hiking, traveling. I like to hang out with friends and enjoy the time to the max

Preventive measure is the best treatment you can have for your teeth.

Always make sure you attend you follow ups and cleaning session to prevent any further issues that can arise in the future.

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