retainers in dubai

Retainers in Dubai

Preserving the Alignment of Your Teeth

The purpose of a retainer is to stabilize the alignment of your teeth, post the orthodontic treatment. Once, your braces have been removed, our orthodontists in Dubai will provide you with a custom-made teeth retainer to maintain the position of your teeth and avoid shifting or malocclusion. This is when the upper and lower halves of your teeth don’t align with each other when the mouth is closed.

Retaining your smile

Benefits of Dental Retainers

Personalized orthodontic care

Why Choose Us?

Here at Dr. Michael’s Dental clinic, we have some of the high-quality dental retainers in Dubai, that will help guide you on the best aftercare orthodontic treatment procedures, once your braces have been removed. While there is a wide range of retainers to choose from, our dentists will recommend either removable or fixed retainers, depending on the structure of your teeth.

Speaking about the types of retainers, patients are usually provided with two options: Hawley retainers and Essix retainers, which are removable acrylic or plastic retainers, and, bonded (or fixed) retainers which are made of metal wire and are permanent.

Procedure for Dental retainers

Both fixed and removable retainers have different orthodontic treatment procedures

For removable retainers

  • Digital Impression

    Next, the dentists will now transfer these images to computer software that accurately stitches your dental images together, creating a well-defined 3D model of your mouth
  • Imprinting your teeth

    Next, the dentists will now transfer these images to computer software that accurately stitches your dental images together, creating a well-defined 3D model of your mouth
  • Creating the retainer

    When a printed 3D CAD model of your mouth has been made, our dentists will then fabricate your print, to build a custom and clear plastic retainer.
  • Application

    Upon completing the creation of clear retainers, which are technically known as Essix retainers, our orthodontists will now install the device into your mouth.

For fixed retainers

Fixed retainers are designed to support your teeth for the rest of your life. They are made of bonded metal wires that are attached to the inside of the teeth. Our orthodontists usually complete this bonding procedure using dental cement or glue.

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Most frequently asked questions

Our dentists recommend using Essix retainers as opposed to fixed retainers because the latter can make it difficult for an individual to preserve their oral health.
The metal wire surrounding the inside of the teeth traps bacteria, food, etc., and acts as a breeding area for other dental problems like tooth decay, gum diseases, teeth infections, and much more.

Yes, the cost of removable retainers in Dubai are much cheaper than permanent retainers. However, while wearing your retainers, the cost for the same plays an important role in influencing your dental decisions, our orthodontists recommend selecting the retainer that best corresponds to your dental needs.

Our teeth are expected to shift over time. However, if you do not wear a retainer regularly, you may witness misalignment of your teeth, crooked front teeth, and even a crowded mouth. As the situation progresses, you may also develop an overbite, which will affect your smile

No, retainers are painless orthodontic appliances. However, if you put on retainers after a short while, you may experience some level of discomfort in doing daily activities like eating, brushing your teeth, etc. It is important to note that if you clean and wear your retainers as instructed by our dentists, you shouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort.

Once the braces have been removed during the orthodontic treatment pursued by your child, there is a strong chance that the teeth may move back to their original position. Hence, our paediatric dentists believe that retainers need to be worn on a constant basis since it reinforces the structure of your child’s teeth and preserves the progress made by the braces.

Since dental retainers are of different types, and can be composed of unique materials, the price for the same is subjective to your dental needs and preferences.

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