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"Exceptionally high standards of dentistry."


It was my first dental experience in Dubai and the best dental experience and care I've ever received. The aftercare was very professional. I would highly recommend the clinic (very friendly staff).

– Suyara –

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Absolutely amazing!

"Absolutely amazing, Dr Yasmin make me feel relaxed and has attention to detail. Thank you very much indeed."

Jason Jenkins, UAE
8 April 2019
Treatment: Root Canal
It was worth the trip

"Can't speak highly enough about the treatment. They told us the truth about the time it takes, cost and treatment without hesitation. Truly honest in their evaluations of our situation/dental need. It was worth the trip."

Ada Louise Webb, Australia
31 October 2018
Treatment: Teeth Extraction and Implants
Outcome was excellent

"Dr. Lina Papika is a fabulous orthodontist. She was patient and explained everything in great detail. The outcome for 2 family members was excellent. Thank you Dr. Lina!"

Maria Vinman, UAE
5 August 2018
Treatment: Orthodontia
Friendly and professional

"After almost 3 years with Dr. Imneet my girls are comfortable and look forward to their visits. Dr. Imneet's kind, encouraging and friendly attitude is refreshing and keeps us loyal to the clinic. She is up to date on the latest in pediatric dentistry and her staff, like her, friendly and professional."

Jessie Theorin, Dubai
15 June 2018
Treatment: Regular Dental Checks & Cleaning
Totally painless procedure

"Today I've lost my fear of dental care. Such an amazing clinic. Excellent service. Dr. Soulaf was so kind and reassuring. Had my surgery with Dr. Walter. He made me feel so at ease. Totally painless procedure. Didn’t feel the needle, the extraction or even the stitches. Highly recommended."

Delores Rock, Mauritius
05 June 2018
Treatment: Surgical Extraction
Good dentist for your kids

"Dr. Chantal is an amazing dentist. My daughter started her treatment with Dr. Chantal from age 2 and since then she always love to go to the dentist. I really recommend her if you are searching for a good dentist for your kids."

Raheleh, Canada
14 December 2017
Treatment: Kids Dental Treatment
Outstanding professionalism

"I would like to thank Dr. Linda and her assistant for their outstanding professionalism during my visits to the clinic. At all times I was made to feel at ease and always told what to expect during the procedures. Thank you again for the pleasant and painless visits."

Daryn Letton, UK
10 October 2017
Treatment: Crown and Fillings
Highly recommended

"Had an amazing deep cleaning session, thanks to Rahleh. Would highly recommend this clinic to my friends and family."

Christine Braganza, India
14 September 2017
Treatment: Deep cleaning session
Best dental experience and care

"It was my first dental experience in Dubai and the best dental experience and care I've ever received. Dr. Marwan is GREAT. He was very pleasant and made me feel at ease. The procedure was extremely smooth (I didn't even notice my teeth were extracted until he told me we are done). Add to that, the aftercare was very professional. I would highly recommend the clinic (very friendly staff) and definitely Dr. Marwan. Thank you so so much!"

09 August 2017
I just love, love, love your practice

"These ladies were awesome! – Samantha, Dee and Nanette. I just love, love, love your practice. So happy to feel HAPPINESS AT THE NORMALLY FEARED DENTIST!!! Blessings for now!"

Gloria Beléndez-Ramírez, Dubai
13 May 2017
Super-fast and pain free!

"Had a very pleasant experience today at the clinic. My tooth was broken and had a huge cyst under it, but Dr. Marwan made the procedure super-fast and pain free!!! I would definitely recommend the clinic and book with Dr. Marwan - I went alone and he made me feel at ease with everything and he notified me of what to expect during the procedure. Thank you doctor!"

Mai El Shahawy, Dubai
28 February 2017
Make life so much easier!

"Excellent. Your staff are polite, friendly, useful, resourceful and make life SO MUCH EASIER! I have been dealing with Aimee, Dr. Marwan and Dr. Walter. In addition all the very polite and friendly receptionists. Going for surgery with Dr. Walter on the 21st and I'm sure my sentiments will only get better towards this clinic."

Salah Assyl Yacine
8 December 2016
Exceptionally high standards of dentistry

"Over the last 2 years Dr Marwan has taken excellent care of all my dental needs which has resulted from poor dentistry in my past. The professionalism and caring approach he has provided has given me the confidence I never had in dentists. An example of the professionalism and dedication was recently shown when I needed a replacement crown which was from a system not commonly available in the Middle East. Dr Marwan and his team researched and located the required crown, resulting in a fast and efficient replacement, which has been fitted to a much higher standard than the original. I will be forever grateful for the work he has provided for me and the exceptionally high standards of dentistry that he delivers on a daily basis. Thank you Dr Marwan. Thank you Dr Michael's."

Tina Phillips, UK
29 September 2016
Treatment: Dental Crown
Epitome of professionalism

"I would like to say a big thank you to all the team at Dr Michael's Clinic, from the charming and efficient reception staff to all the dental team. Dr Michael's is a truly first class outfit that are the epitome of professionalism who, if you can believe it, make going to the dentist a total pleasure."

Mahesh, UK
22 March 2016
Treatment: General Dentistry
I was comfortable during all my visit

"I had only good experiences. I felt no pain and he made sure I was comfortable during all my visit."

Lindie Coetzee, South Africa
23 February 2016
Treatment: Extraction & Fillings
Indeed, a perfectionist!

"I can't thank Dr. Soulaf Shaker enough for identifying an infection in my tooth during a master dental checkup. It was caused by a failed root canal treatment 10 years ago. She explained the necessity of a root canal procedure done right away to prevent the possibility of a dental implant in the future. Dr. Soulaf is meticulous and structured in her approach from choosing the right shade to the shape and fit of the crown! I was a little apprehensive at first since it is my canine tooth but I am now extremely pleased with the outcome! I can't even tell as it blends so perfectly well with the rest of my teeth! She is indeed a perfectionist!!"

Shiblin Sarfraz, Dubai
22 February 2016
Treatment: Dental Crown Procedure
Felt no pain or discomfort

"Felt no pain or discomfort which is always a good thing!"

Henry Thomas, UK
23 January 2016
Treatment: Dental Crown
A fantastic dental experience

"I arrived late last night from Africa and had broken a filling on the flight en route. When I called the office this morning, they had an appointment available right away. After an hour of careful, painless work, my tooth was fixed and my vacation salvaged. I really appreciated the careful attention to the work and to my comfort. All in all a fantastic dental experience."

Matt P., USA
24 November 2015
Treatment: Emergency Filling

"Satisfied with the service."

Mehak, UAE
23 November 2015
Treatment: Orthodontics
It was completely painless and issue free

"This was my first dental treatment in many years and made me feel relaxed and calm. It was completely painless and issue free. I thoroughly recommend Dr. Michael's clinic."

Saadia Kayani, UK
05 September 2015
Treatment: Fillings
Excellent caring staff

"Excellent caring staff!"

Ron Lazarro, United States
25 August 2015
Finest dental clinic in the UAE

"Without a second doubt, I confidently rested my back on the soft green dental chair fully equipped with the latest high dental paraphernalia and complete with protective measures prepared for me by my hygienist Ms. Rahleh Mahtabpour. I closed my eyes and I nearly fell asleep while she was effortlessly cleaning and scaling my teeth. Woah! My overall cleaning went without pain and trauma! This is the best, most professional cleaning I ever had! I feel blessed, happy and with much pride that I stepped into Dr. Michaels Dental Clinic, the finest dental clinic in the whole UAE."

Claire dela Gente, Philippines
19 August 2015
Treatment: Comprehensive Cleaning
Entire treatment was painless

"I went to Dr. Soulaf because I’ve got a tooth with a bad cavity. I was a bit nervous (and guilty that I waited for so long to fix it) but she put me right at ease the moment I sat on the chair. I was watching Shania Twain’s concert the whole time and she was singing along to it. You can tell from the start how relaxing my appointment was going to be. In fact, I would sing too if only my mouth was not wide open. The entire treatment was painless and I’m so glad that she was able to help me get rid of the cavity and save my tooth. Thank you so much, Dr. Soulaf!"

Maria Cristina
13 August 2015, Philippines
Treatment: Bad Cavity
You'll get it right the first time

"Hands down the best dental clinic I've been to. You'll pay a little more than other clinics but you'll get it right the first time. From the reception to the coffee and down to the dentists; simply awesome!!!"

04 August 2015
Very satisfied

"Great customer service. Very satisfied."

Loubna, United Arab Emirates
08 March 2015
Treatment: Cosmetic Dentist Consultation
Worth every penny

"I'm new to Dubai and was at their clinic to get a crown done and root canal done. The staff was very accomodating and helped me all through out my treatments. The dentists who did my crown and root canal were both very professional. I recommend this clinic to those people looking for quality treatment. Worth every penny. Thanks all."

Trisha, United Arab Emirates
07 January 2015
Treatment: Crown, Root Canal
My crown feels and looks very natural!

"Dr. David is a true professional and a great guy. Within minutes of meeting him, I knew he was an excellent dentist because of his attention to detail and the fact that he himself has great teeth. During the process of my crown treatment, he made me feel comfortable and thoroughly explained what procedure was needed and why. His work was fantastic; my crown feels and looks very natural! Thanks Dr. Dave, I will be passing along recommendations to my friends and family."

Alexi Antoniou, Cyprus
29 November 2015
Treatment: Dental Crown
I will definitely be coming back here again!

"I came here recently for a cleaning and was not disappointed. The hygienist, Thana, was extremely friendly and gentle. She made the whole process much more enjoyable than I have experienced in years thanks to her friendly attitude and wonderful cleaning. I will definitely be coming back here again!"

Arvida Hjort, Scandanavia
09 November 2015
Treatment: Cleaning
Everything went smoothly and painless

"A dental appointment is definitely NOT one of those things that I always look forward to due to my fear of dentist, blood, needles, etc.. After a few years, I finally made an appointment for a check up and cleaning at Dr. Michael's dental with Hygienist Thana and Dr. Soulaf. The procedure were not rushed, everything went smoothly and painless. Now I definitely look forward in getting another dental appointment soon! Thank you Dr. Michael's Dental!"

02 September 2015
Treatment: Cleaning and Checkup
Most amazing dental experience

"I've had extensive treatment there at Dr. Michael's and I have to say this has by far been the most amazing dental experience. Everyone from the reception to the doctors are so friendly and courteous. This is the place you want to go for your dental needs. Five Star all the way! I see that one or two reviewers have found it to be expensive; however I'm certain that they'll be back when they realize quality is what you pay for."

Yusuf, India
24 August 2015
Benchmark for excellence

"Dr. Yasmin is categorically and unequivocally by far the best Endodontist in the region. Period. She is truly phenomenal. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is “outstanding”, she scores an easy 13. I love Dr. Yasmin. She is Amazing with a capital “A”. I’m the type of patient that is difficult to please, and generally speaking, I’m mega selective when it comes to selecting a dentist. I have been to a ton of dental clinics in the past five years in cities such as Chicago, New York, Doha, Amman & Kuwait city, and I have to say that Dr. Yasmin stands out and is simply put “incomparable”. She is the benchmark for “excellence”. What I truly liked about Dr. Yasmin is that she explained everything from A-Z and told me what I would expect post treatment. She listened attentively and answered all my questions. She was friendly, pleasant and warm. I felt no pain during the surgery and almost no pain after the procedure. I solidly recommend Dr. Yasmin. Her background speaks for itself. My dental experience could not have been more pleasant. Dr. Yasmin is the BEST - End of Discussion."

Al, Citizen of the World
17 August 2015
Treatment: Root Canal Therapy
A customer service rarely experienced in Dubai

"Never thought I would be saying this but what a wonderful dental clinic! You are automatically made to feel very welcome by all the girls at reception who are very efficient by the way. I have had 4 appointments now and the dentist, professor and hygienist all have excellent bedside manner who take their time to talk and explain things to you. A customer service rarely experienced in Dubai!"

Ryan Bruss, Zimbabwe
06 May 2015
Treatment: Consultation, Cleaning
No pain and side effects

"I would like to share my great experience with Dr Michael’s clinic specifically with Dr. Marwan Al-Obeidi. He is very friendly, took me his time and gave me the best and easiest solutions. I had all wisdom teeth extraction successfully with absolute no pain and side effects. In addition, I had my crown with Dr. Marwan where he assured to have it right and he did extremely well. I am definitely recommending Dr. Marwan to everyone as he the best in Dubai."

Noora, United Arab Emirates
16 December 2014
Treatment: Wisdom Teeth Extraction
I was very pleased

"I was very pleased with service and price."

Maria, United Arab Emirates
28 December 2014
Treatment: Teeth Whitening
Pain and injection free

"On my second visit to Dr. Michael’s I dropped into Dr Michael’s Children’s Center – and what an amazing place. Difficult to believe, I know for a dentist’s surgery, but true all the same. The colour scheme is bright green but the first thing I noticed was the smell of green apples. Nothing like the memories that I had as a child of a dark and dingy waiting room being terrified of the dentist and that over-powering antiseptic smell. Dr. Michael’s Children’s Center has advanced technology and the dentists have been trained in laser dentistry – this is amazing for children as it is – wait for it – pain and injection free! The receptionist lady described having a filing as having your tooth brushed with a paint brush. No injections required."

Amanda Powell
ExpatWoman, Dubai
17 December 2014
I keep enjoying my smile everyday :)

"The clinic is awesome. Thanks to Dr. Omar and Orlyn for the best treatment and state-of-the-art service which finally destroyed my dentophobia :) Veneers look awesome and I keep enjoying my smile everyday :)

Alexey, Dubai
29 January 2014
Treatment: Porcelain Veneers
Very efficient and good result

"Very good service. Very friendly. Very efficient and good result. A bit pricey, but worth it."

Tor, Norway
26 August 2013
Treatment: White Filling
Best dental clinic in the Middle East

"Hands down the best dental clinic in the Middle East. Absolutely pricey but I'd rather go to the best dentist and pay a little premium than go elsewhere and regret. Moreover I have too much money :-0"

Ss, Dubai
13 December 2013
Treatment: Porcelain Veneers
I was completely relaxed

"Still dealing with them. I always have problems with dentists, but this is probably the first time in most my life where I was completely relaxed and felt able to completely trust a dentist."

Richard, Dubai
13 November 2013
Treatment: Pulpotomy
International standards in everything

"For a short consultation and x-ray, I would say Dr. Soren Jensen from Dr. Michael's clinic had shown attention to detail and very accommodating. They also have international standards in everything."

Jovy, Dubai
18 September 2013
Treatment: 3D Dental X-Ray
Procedure was quick, comfortable and painless

"I had unbearable toothache that kept me up at night for almost a week now, and I couldn't stand it much longer. My dentist (not from Dr. Michaels) referred me to Dr. Michaels, because they have a root canal specialist, Dr. Yasmin. I checked out their website, got their number and called right away. The receptionist was exceptionally helpful and was able to squeeze in a booking for me the following day. I met Dr. Yasmin and I was put at ease right away. The procedure was quick, comfortable and painless. I highly recommend Dr. Yasmin to anyone in Dubai who needs a root canal."

Jess, United Arab Emirates
30 July 2013
Treatment: Root Canal
Great location, great staff, great experience

"I was referred to Dr Yasmin by my dentist Dr Alex for an apicoectomy root canal earlier this year. I was very lucky to be sent to such a highly experienced endodontist! The receptionist was able to schedule me right away, the treatment was short and painless and both Dr Yasmin and I were very satisfied with the end results. Overall, I can say that Dr. Michaels: great location, great staff, great experience."

Ayesha, United Arab Emirates
30 July 2013
Treatment: Root Canal
Not a hint of pain during the entire procedure

"I had a very pleasant experience with this clinic. I would like to thank my dentist Dr. Yasmin and her assistant. Not a hint of pain during the entire procedure and watching a movie made my visit incredibly comfortable and enjoyable."

Todd, United Arab Emirates
30 July 2013
Treatment: Root Canal
I just had the most pleasant root canal

"I just had the most pleasant root canal. That sounds weird, I know. Resting at my home as the numbness is wearing off, I still can’t believe at how fast and comfortable my procedure was. The only thing I felt was the anesthesia needle go in, and in a matter of seconds, voila, my mouth couldn’t feel a thing! Not only is Dr. Yasmin and the rest of the staff incredibly friendly and accommodating, the office is beautiful and conveniently located too. They’ve got parking space, Wi-Fi and TV. Great job, everyone!"

Gregor, United Arab Emirates
30 July 2013
Treatment: Root Canal
Implants add to my confidence

"I am a mother of three, 54 years old, and I have been wearing dentures for as long as I could remember. Back then, dentures were the only solutions to missing teeth. I went to Dr. Michael's for implants. My daughter recommended that I come over and do the procedure, and I can't be any happier with the results. Not only did the implants add to my confidence, knowing that they're almost real teeth, but I didn't have to worry with the way I smile or even laugh. I love the way my new teeth perfectly match my features. I recommend Dr Michael's to everyone out there!"

Frelitas, United Arab Emirates
04 June 2013
Treatment: Dental Implants
Their services are consistently improving

"This is not my first visit to Dr Michael's and I am happy to say that their services are consistently improving. I've seen my dentist for gum disease treatment and Dr. Yasmine for one root canal procedure. I highly recommend them."

Ysrael, United Arab Emirates
23 March 2013
Treatment: Complex Root Canal
Cannot praise this place enough

"No one likes going to the dentist, but this was my daughters first appointment with the hygienist and I certainly cannot praise this place enough. Very polite receptionists, extremely professional staff who were happy to help us. The hygienist was so caring, took her time and did such a wonderful job. If you want a great hygienist, you must try this clinic."

Debbie, Tecom
22 March 2013
Treatment: Oral Hygiene
Professional manner is no doubt a winner

"I have nothing but good things to say about this clinic. The level of professionalism, friendliness, knowledge, cleanliness and care easily sets them apart from every other dental clinic in Dubai. Everyone down to the receptionists make you feel at home from the moment you walk in. I met with Dr Yasmine and Dr Marwan and even though it was a bit expensive I think the work they did and the treatment they give their patients easily justifies their prices. I'd recommend this clinic to anyone seeking dental treatment - their work, step by step explanations, keeping you engaged in the process, and professional manner is no doubt a winner."

Sharif, United Arab Emirates
17 March 2013
Treatment: Root Canal, Fillings
I am rather impressed with their team's professionalism

"I'm new to Dr. Michael's and I have got to say that I am rather impressed with their team's professionalism. I booked online through their website, and I immediately got a call from Diana, their receptionist, confirming my appointment. I was at ease with my doctor and everything went better than I expected. It was an overall highly recommended experience."

Renata, Dubai
17 December 2012
Treatment: Dental Sealant
First to meet my expectations

"For several years since I first came to Dubai, I've been dentist-hopping and so far, Dr. Michael's Dental Clinic has been the first to meet my expectations. The staff were lovely, and the dentist who looked at my gum disease was exceptionally professional. I'm definitely recommending them."

Ysrael, Dubai
23 December 2012
Treatment: Periodontitis Treatment
I highly recommend this team for any dental needs

"Dr. Michael's office was amazing! I received appointments on the days I wanted with ease. The staff was very friendly, courteous, professional, and made me feel like a valued patient even though it was my first appointment! I highly recommend this team for any dental needs! Thanks!!"

Dana, Bishkek
09 December 2012
Treatment: Cleaning, Checkup
They handled my case really well

"I have nothing but praise for Dr. Michael's Dental Clinic. They are the reason why I'm still able to smile and feel good about myself. I had an accident a couple of weeks back and had needed emergency dental treatment and they handled my case really well. I've also had three crowns and I couldn't be any happier with them. Thanks, Dr. Michael's."

Anastasia, Dubai
12 November 2012
Treatment: Emergency Dental Treatment, Crowns
I had braces for 20 months with amazing results

"Dr Rasha's professionalism, dedication, skills, attention to details and above all time management are un-matched. I had braces for 20 months with amazing results. I highly recommend Dr Rasha Al-Mubarak."

K.A., United Arab Emirates
07 November 2012
Treatment: Braces
We are enjoying every single day of wearing our new smiles

"Me and my wife have never been happier and hundredfolds more confident with our smiles. Thank you Dr. Michael Formenius. The smile makeover is probably one of the best (and not to mention boldest) decisions we have made and we are enjoying every single day of wearing our 'new smiles'. We recommend Dr. Formenius and his whole team to anyone who wants to improve their looks without having to go under the knife."

Marco, United Arab Emirates
06 November 2012
Treatment: Smile Makeover
Very good service

"Very good service."

Kate, Dubai
06 November 2012
Treatment: Teeth Whitening
Staff is truly amazing

"The staff at Dr. Michael's is truly amazing. I recommend the dentists and the rest of the guys who have made my dental implant journey a pleasant one."

Chessa, Dubai
22 October 2012
Treatment: Dental Implants
My tooth problem is gone for good

"I visit my husband and I have emergency treatment in Dubai. Our friends said Dr Michaels dental clinic is very good one. I went straight and they attended to me even they were busy. So i thanked Dr. Michael and all staff. They are great people working there. And the service is also very good. Now my tooth problem is gone for good."

Khatrina, Abu Dhabi
24 September 2012
Treatment: Emergency Dental Treatment
Quality is outstanding

"I went for a possible implant but was told that I could only have a bridge for some reason they mentioned medical terms (I could not recall). I agreed, anyway as the dentists consulted me really knows what he's doing. Then come on the treatment day it was spot on and I'd say nearly perfect. The price of service is slightly lower than at home but the quality is outstanding."

Susanne, Crawley
24 September 2012
Treatment: Bridge
This will be my permanent dental clinic

"I was told that Dr. Michaels is a very good clinic. Then I called and I was given an appointment. During the consultation, I was even surprised on the hospitality and customer service of the staff. Something that is peculiar on other clinics within the country. All staff are nice. I thought from that point, that this will be my permanent dental clinic. What a great find!"

Anonymous, UAE
24 September 2012
Treatment: Dental Bridges
Probably the best in the UAE

"First impression is always important. I’ve been going to different dentists from time to time since I started living in Dubai. There will always be an issue why I would move from one dental clinic to another. I thought I would have never find the right one, wherein I could keep permanently when I am in the country. It was just recently when I was referred to by my cousins at Dr.Michael's Clinic. After my visit in Jumeirah, my perspective have changed. For the first time, I felt that I was "really" looked after and not been treated as a generic patient. Everything seemed to be like a special treatment from the dentists to the staff. So, I'm glad I found Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic, probably the best in the UAE."

Jovy, Dubai
18 September 2012
Treatment: Consultation
All staff are magnificent

"I switched to Dr. Michael’s after I moved to Dubai (from Abu Dhabi) last year. I was a bit skeptical of the high praise going about their practice, but after my wonderful trips to their clinic, I proved that all the accolades are truly well deserved. I saw Dr. Michael Formenius, he and all his staff are magnificent. I had my full set of x-rays taken and professional cleaning done on my first visit. They did find some problems, some my teeth have grown kind of askew, (they say I have a crowded profile) and plaque and decay have formed on my back molars. They were very thorough giving you a feeling that they truly know what they’re doing. It was Dulene who did my cleaning. Everyone should come and see her. She was very nice and she explained every step of the way. I had to go back for another visit and even that was immaculately painless. My dentist showed me beautiful before and after images of my treatment, and I’ve been coming to her regularly after that. I would definitely recommend Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic particularly to people like me who suffer from terrible dental anxiety."

Anonymous, United Arab Emirates
31 August 2012
Treatment: Dental Cleaning
I shall be referring my friends to you

"I had an appointment recently with Dulene Swanepoel and wanted to let you know how impressed I was with her work. For the first time in my life I am flossing daily, tongue scraping, using mouth rinse regularly and brushing correctly and this is all thanks to Dulene's excellent approach - she really inspired me in a positive way to take better care of my teeth and gums, in a way that none else has managed to do in the past! Thank you very much, Dulene. I shall be referring my friends to you! Thanks and best regards."

Tamimah Dhaher, Dubai
10 August 2012
Treatment: Dental Hygiene
They managed to get us an appointment so quickly

"For those of us who are parents we all know how hard it is to see our little ones in any kind of pain or discomfort. Well it turns out that one of Mitten's baby teeth just wasn't going to come out and her adult tooth was pushing up under it causing her some pain, so much pain that she actually asked to go to the Dentist, so we went this morning. When I say we, I mean all three of us, there was no chance this was going to be a little trip to the Dentist with Mum, nope Dad had to come out of work, and it was a real drama. We arrived at Dr Michael's Dental Clinic just before 11 am, filled in the appropriate paperwork and then we were introduced to the Dentist. Then the real drama set in, tears, flailing legs, sobbing chest. Even my favourite Sean the Sheep video on the screen didn't seem to help! Eventually an injection was administered and the offending tooth removed. It was off to Choithrams for a treat, which turned out to be flowers so I am definitely not complaining about that. Before we had even got home Mitten was bragging about how easy it was and that she would now like some braces! I doubt it very much! I would just like to thank all the team down at Dr Michael's Dental Clinic for managing to get us an appointment so quickly, and then for sorting Mitten out so professionally and of course patiently. You have a really nice clinic there, and I hear there is a new Paediatric Dentistry Unit opening later this year. I hope it all works out well (there are already Paediatric Dentists at Dr Michael's though)."

Mitten, United Arab Emirates
10 August 2012
Treatment: Pediatric Dentistry
Breath of fresh air

"I recently switched to Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic to try it out. My previous dental hygienist was a little rough to say the least! I was surprised to find out there is such a thing as professional cleaning that doesn't leave me feeling like I just chomped on a fistful of rocks. The clinic was amazing – very much spa-like. The moment you get inside you’ll feel comfortable, not like you’re waiting for sentence. They also give out complimentary coffee and such high end service is just another cherry on top. Dr. Michael’s is surely a ‘breath of fresh air’, a nice change from the philistines I used to see in the past. I wear braces and I always, always have trouble making sure my teeth (metal and all) are spotless and devoid of tiny shreds green leaves from my salad. She showed me how to do it right and even recommended several other products she trusts. I am officially a tongue scraper convert. Two thumbs up for Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic!"

Anonymous, Dubai
10 August 2012
Treatment: Teeth Cleaning
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