"Exceptionally high standards of dentistry"

It was my first dental experience in Dubai and the best dental experience and care I've ever received. The aftercare was very professional. I would highly recommend the clinic (very friendly staff).

Outcome was excellent

“Dr. Lina Papika is a fabulous orthodontist. She was patient and explained everything in great detail. The outcome for 2 family members was excellent. Thank you Dr. Lina!”

Maria Vinman, UAE

Treatment: Orthodontic

Friendly and professional
“After almost 3 years with Dr. Imneet my girls are comfortable and look forward to their visits. Dr. Imneet’s kind, encouraging and friendly attitude is refreshing and keeps us loyal to the clinic. She is up to date on the latest in pediatric dentistry and her staff, like her, friendly and professional.”
I was completely relaxed
“Still dealing with them. I always have problems with dentists, but this is probably the first time in most my life where I was completely relaxed and felt able to completely trust a dentist.”
Highly recommended
It was worth the trip

“Can’t speak highly enough about the treatment. They told us the truth about the time it takes, cost and treatment without hesitation. Truly honest in their evaluations of our situation/dental need. It was worth the trip.”

Ada Louise Webb, Australia

Treatment: Teeth Extraction and Implants

I keep enjoying my smile everyday 🙂
“The clinic is awesome. Thanks for the best treatment and state-of-the-art service which finally destroyed my dentophobia 🙂 Veneers look awesome and I keep enjoying my smile everyday 🙂
Very efficient and good result
“Very good service. Very friendly. Very efficient and good result. A bit pricey, but worth it.”
Totally painless procedure
“Today I’ve lost my fear of dental care. Such an amazing clinic. Excellent service. Dr. Soulaf was so kind and reassuring. Had my surgeryand made me feel so at ease. Totally painless procedure. Didn’t feel the needle, the extraction or even the stitches. Highly recommended.”
I just love, love, love your practice
“I just love, love, love your practice. So happy to feel HAPPINESS AT THE NORMALLY FEARED DENTIST!!! Blessings for now!”
Pain and injection free
“On my second visit to Dr. Michael’s I dropped into Dr Michael’s Children’s Center – and what an amazing place. Difficult to believe, I know for a dentist’s surgery, but true all the same. The colour scheme is bright green but the first thing I noticed was the smell of green apples. Nothing like the memories that I had as a child of a dark and dingy waiting room being terrified of the dentist and that over-powering antiseptic smell. Dr. Michael’s Children’s Center has advanced technology and the dentists have been trained in laser dentistry – this is amazing for children as it is – wait for it – pain and injection free! The receptionist lady described having a filing as having your tooth brushed with a paint brush. No injections required.”
Best dental clinic in the Middle East
“Hands down the best dental clinic in the Middle East. Absolutely pricey but I’d rather go to the best dentist and pay a little premium than go elsewhere and regret. Moreover I have too much money :-0”
International standards in everything
“For a short consultation and x-ray, I would say Dr. Soren Jensen from Dr. Michael’s clinic had shown attention to detail and very accommodating. They also have international standards in everything.”
Great location, great staff, great experience
“I was referred to Dr Yasmin by my dentist Dr Alex for an apicoectomy root canal earlier this year. I was very lucky to be sent to such a highly experienced endodontist! The receptionist was able to schedule me right away, the treatment was short and painless and both Dr Yasmin and I were very satisfied with the end results. Overall, I can say that Dr. Michaels: great location, great staff, great experience.”
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