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No matter how well you brush or floss, there will still be corners of your mouth that are difficult to reach.⁠ It is therefore recommended to go for dental cleanings every six months. ⁠Our dental hygienists in Dubai come with years of experience and use a variety of advanced tools and techniques to remove plaque, tartar, calculus, and surface stains from your teeth, to give you the most sophisticated dental cleaning in Dubai.
Dental care can improve your oral health by preventing cavities, gum disease and tooth loss, while simultaneously helping you achieve the bright, beautiful smile that you desire. Our dentists too see hygienists for routine deep cleaning sessions to keep their oral health in check.It is recommended that we see a hygienist every six months to polish the teeth and keep them clean.
However, people who wear braces or those with diabetes are advised to have more frequent hygiene appointments. If you’re looking for teeth cleaning in Dubai, head to Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic for a superior dental hygiene session.

Benefits of an dental hygiene session

Guided Biofilm Therapy

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At Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic, all our hygienists are highly trained in the game-changing Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) technique that uses the EMS Airflow® Swiss technology.

Guided Biofilm Therapy is a revolutionary, minimally invasive form of dental maintenance and prophylaxis that offers a gentler, more effective clean for the teeth and gums.

This technique differs from traditional dental cleaning as it shows the patients exactly where there is a build-up of bacteria on their teeth using a purple harmless solution that is used to highlight it.

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Teeth cleaning cost can be determined after a consultation. The price will vary depending on the severity of plaque build-up on your teeth and the amount of stains it has. Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic offers simple, moderate and deep cleaning dental hygiene procedures. Book your appointment with us and visit one of our hygienists to inquire about teeth cleaning price and what to expect during the procedure.

Dental X-rays are essential, preventative, diagnostic tools that offer valuable information not visible to the naked eye during a dental check-up. It allows dentists and hygienists to comprehensively evaluate and assess areas of your teeth before a dental cleaning. It helps them detect aspects such as abscesses or cysts, bone loss, decay between the teeth, problems inside a tooth or below the gum line, etc.

Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing isn’t enough as there are parts of the mouth that we can’t clean ourselves. Dentists and hygienists recommend getting your teeth cleaned every six months. However, if you have periodontal disease or wear orthodontic appliances such as braces, cleaning should be done more frequently (at least every three months).
Regular oral hygiene sessions do not just give your teeth a thorough cleanse but can also detect and pre-empt many health problems. Some symptoms of medical conditions can be identified early on if you have a regular oral and dental check-up.

The average length of a teeth cleaning is anywhere between 30 minutes and one hour. The amount of plaque on your teeth will also determine the length of time you will spend on the dental chair.

It is not unnatural for patients to experience soreness and slight gum bleeding during the cleaning process and when brushing for a few days (24–48 hours) after the procedure. But if the bleeding persists beyond that, you should immediately return to the dental clinic for an assessment. The bleeding can be caused due to the presence of fractured calculus under the gums or gum disease.

Before the cleaning process can begin, a hygienist will conduct a thorough examination of your mouth to check for any signs of tooth decay, gingivitis or other possible concerns. If you are wearing implants, they will be checked for signs of mucositis or peri-implantitis. Your mouth will be initially rinsed with a special mouthwash.

By applying a biofilm disclosing agent (EMS Biofilm Disclosure), a harmless dye that highlights plaque (soft bacterial deposits) on the surfaces of the teeth, the dental hygienist will be able to see the biofilm that needs to be removed and highlight any problematic areas. The calculus will be easier to detect once the biofilm is removed and will thereby guide the cleaning. Your hygienist will give you some oral hygiene tips to prevent biofilm build-up.

Next, with the use of EMS Airflow® (air polishing) and Piezoceramic scaling technology, your hygienist will simultaneously remove the biofilm, stains, and early calculus on your natural teeth and/or implants and restorations. Think of Airflow as a dental spa for your teeth and gums. A special powder will be used to remove biofilm beneath the gums and enamel. Biofilm will also be removed from your gums, tongue and palate. The process will be repeated using different nozzles.

A final check is performed to ensure all the dental biofilm and calculus are fully removed. Once it’s clear, your teeth will be protected with fluoride to prevent sensitivity and you can now flash your new smile to the world!

Make sure you schedule your next cleaning appointment to maintain your perfectly cleaned teeth.

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