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A bright smile goes a long way in enhancing a person’s confidence and self-esteem. It allows us to look and feel our best, and thus, boosts the paradigm of self-love which influences our personality. Since a mere smile plays such a pivotal role in our lives, we must take strong measures to preserve our pearly white smiles.

Our dental experts at Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic will help you to achieve the perfect white smile you deserve, with the aid of our advanced Zoom Teeth Whitening treatments. These treatments involve the application of hydrogen peroxide and other whitening gels, coupled with specialised light units that are used to coat your enamel and accelerate the whitening process.

We focus on delivering quality services to you. In doing so, we have acquired some of the best technologies and brands for zoom teeth whitening in Dubai. To elucidate with an example, our dental clinic offers Philips Zoom teeth Whitening, which is one of the top patient-requested teeth whitening brands across the globe, due to its strong durability and shine.

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Why do I need to whiten my teeth?

Zoom teeth whitening
vs. Home teeth whitening

In comparison to At-home teeth whitening treatments such as whitening strips and gels, our cosmetic dentists prefer using in-office zoom teeth whitening sessions. This is because the generic “one size fits all” at-home teeth whitening strips are often low quality and can put a person at risk for damage to their oral health. After all, these whitening gels may potentially contain chemicals that can harm their teeth and gums.

Contrary to this, the personalized nature of in-office Zoom teeth whitening added along with their application by dental experts helps assure you of a worry-free and effective tooth whitening session.

Now, with the help of Philips Zoom teeth whitening treatment offered at our clinic, you can enjoy your favourite red wine or coffee and food; without having to worry about staining your teeth.

Procedure for Zoom teeth whitening

  • Initial Consultation

    Firstly, the dentist will conduct a routine examination of your teeth, to check for any cracks or cavities that may impede the process.

  • Preparation

    Here, the dentist will then prepare for the procedure by covering your gums and lips, thus, isolating and exposing your whole set of teeth alone.

  • Application

    Next, the Zoom hydrogen peroxide whitening gel is applied by the dentist. This gel works together with the Zoom light to enter the teeth and dissolve stains. During the activation of the light, the gel is left in place for 15 minutes.

  • Post- Application

    After the 45 minutes Zoom teeth whitening session is completed, the teeth are then coated with a fluoride paste-gel to lessen sensitivity.

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Most frequently asked questions

The cost of the teeth whitening treatments depends upon the type of whitening procedures you want to employ. 

The dental hygienists would advise using specific toothpaste brands. The whitening agents in this toothpaste enhance the appearance of your freshly whitened teeth. Our dentist will advise patients to stop using tobacco products since they will discolour their teeth. Finally, they also recommend maintaining proper oral hygiene and avoiding the consumption of food/beverages that may stain your teeth.

Apart from children under the age of 18, women who are pregnant or nursing, or patients suffering from dental issues and gum diseases like periodontitis; anyone can make use of the Zoom Teeth whitening sessions.

No. This is a pain-free procedure. Since Zoom teeth whitening sessions are a type of laser session, they usually last for about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Our dental hygienists advise patients to undergo the teeth-whitening procedure once every twelve months. However, it is recommended that you get professional Zoom touch-ups every six months.

The duration of the whitening normally spans between 12 to 24 months; however, this is greatly influenced by how well you care for your teeth after whitening treatment and how frequently you get your teeth cleaned by a dentist.

By the end of the session, our dental hygienists will provide you with a touch-up kit that includes custom-fitted whitening trays. Follow your dentist’s detailed instructions to use this touch-up kit.

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