$500 Reward To Owners of Antique Gold False Teeth

If these false teeth are yours and you can prove it, you would have won for yourself $500.
Fine Estate Sales Estate Liquidation offered this generous reward because: “It’s simple, it’s because we don’t know who once wore them, and if we did, why, well, er… we could sell them for a lot of money, and buy a whole lot of dental floss.”
A lot of people tried googling this antique enameled and filigree gold false teeth to no avail. For the first time, the internet failed to find something vaguely similar.
But there were other ways to win. They also gave away:

$500.00 Reward: Tell them who actually wore these teeth.
$300.00 – 1st Prize: Best made up story about who wore these teeth.
$200.00 – 2nd Prize: 2nd Best made up story about who wore these teeth.
$100.00 – 3rd Prize: 3rd Best made up story about who wore these teeth.

These antique dentures were from one of Fine Estate’s clients. She wanted to have these sold on her behalf and asked if he (Fine Estate) could figure out how much they were worth. He thought it’s going to be a piece of cake, but it proved to be such a tedious task. That’s why why he offered a $500.00 reward to anyone who can name the owners of the dentures.
Got a good nagging guess? Find the most hilarious theories people submitted here.
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