Bitten apple

Chewing Ability Linked To Reduced Dementia Risk

Is it easy for you to take a crunchy bite of an apple? If so, then you are more likely to maintain your mental abilities.

Scientists have always thought that difficulty in chewing (from having few or no teeth) leads to a decrease of blood circulation to the brain. However, there hasn’t been a study involving acceptable sample (test representatives) to prove it.

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Recently, a team of researchers from the Department of Dental Medicine and the Aging Research Center (ARC) at Karolinska Institutet and from Karlstad University in Sweden found that people with difficulty chewing on hard food like apples.

Working with a random nationwide sample of 557 people aged 77 and above, the researchers look at tooth loss, chewing ability and cognitive function.

The results are published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (JAGS).

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