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Earth Hour: You, Me and the Earth

It’s getting warmer, and it’s not just because summer has finally come.
Driving a car, turning the heater on or simply printing papers. Everything we do has an impact on nature. Man’s overconsumption of food, material goods and non-renewable resources has taken a great toll on the very place that sustains us all. What happens to us when we run out of fossil fuels to use or when we’ve burned down the last of our vast forests?
Did you know that it takes 200 liters of water to produce one latte?
The earth, and everything in it, enjoys a very blessed place in the universe. We get all the energy we need because it’s not too far from the sun and it’s not too close that we’d be seared to ashes.
To make sure that these ‘settings’ are kept right, layers of greenhouse gases wrap the earth like a protective blanket. These gases keep us warm and shield the planet from the freezing universe.
Carbon dioxide or CO2, is not the most potent greenhouse gas, but because it’s widely the most available (or produced as by-products), it’s considered the biggest contributor to global warming or the greenhouse effect.
The more CO2 produced, the thicker the greenhouse layers, the warmer the Earth.
It’s already happening, and it’s much worse for those living in poor and underdeveloped parts of the world. Global warming has tremendous and devastating effects such as droughts, floods, storms, heat waves and accelerating sea levels.

What can we do to help?

KNOW YOUR ENERGY. Use it wisely.
Do not put appliances on standby mode, turn them off. Unplug mobile chargers when you don’t use them. Turn computers off – at work and at home. Turn the lights off when you don’t need them on. Save some energy by setting your air conditioner a little higher in summer. Save water. Recycle paper. Keep the fridge at best working conditions so it doesn’t have to use up much energy to keep your food within just the right temperature.
The Earth is not asking gargantuan ways for us to save it. How can we help? Visit the official website of the Earth Hour.
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