A Guide to Hollywood Smile Makeover – All You Need to Know

Want to get that star-studded smile but don’t know where to start?

Let us help you out. In this article, you will find some of the top dental treatments recommended by our cosmetic dentists to help you obtain your very own “celebrity smile”.

So, what encompasses a Hollywood smile makeover?

The process refers to a series of dental treatments and cosmetic dentistry procedures that are undertaken to correct the shape of your teeth, size, color, spacing, and brightness. Moreover, with the help of a Hollywood smile makeover, you can accomplish a celebrity-grade smile, i.e., typically whiter, and brighter than your natural teeth.

But why is this concept so famous?

Read on to find out

What is a Hollywood Smile?

Historically, the concept of a Hollywood smile has been a never-ending trend across the globe. Initially, actors indulged in a variety of aesthetically focused dental treatments to conceal their crooked and discolored teeth and attain a perfect Hollywood smile.

From Walt Disney himself to Shirley Temple and many more after, actors were the first pioneers of Hollywood smile treatments, and have been keeping the trend consistent for decades. Furthermore, as modern dentistry advanced, what was primarily known as temporary fixes to the smile gradually became a permanent reconfiguration of the aesthetic function.

However, as the procedure gained popularity, ordinary people began to engage in smile makeover procedures that ranged from correcting chipped teeth to implanting dental veneers and crowns.

Benefits of Hollywood Smile Makeover:

Today, Hollywood smile makeovers continue to prevail as the top dental treatment of choice, especially for an attractive and perfectly aligned smile. Listed below are some of the benefits of the eminent smile makeover treatment:

You'd make a good first impression:

Be it at a job interview, an event, or any other social setting, first impressions are always important because they play a major role in influencing your public image. With the aid of smile makeover treatments, you can easily attain a confident appearance that can also amplify the value of your image.

Better mental health:

When your smile is augmented, you will gain the self-confidence to smile more frequently. As a result of this frequency, the state of your mental health improves at a significant rate. Smiling more will lead you to experience an influx of neuropeptides, or "happy hormones".

Obtaining "perfectly white teeth":

You may have coveted acquiring a celebrity-like smile. Sometimes, you may have also believed that such supremely white and bright teeth were simply out of the realm of possibility. Well, you have got it wrong!

With the help of our cosmetic and restorative dental specialists, you too can now possess an Oscar-worthy smile that will make you look more attractive and youthful.

No More Gaps:

Now, with a stellar-looking smile, you can get rid of those visibly unpleasant gaps between your teeth. Treatments like porcelain veneers, dental crowns, or dental implants can easily fix these spaces in your teeth.

What dental issues can be fixed with a Hollywood Smile Makeover?

While it is common knowledge that a Hollywood smile makeover improves the aesthetic features of your smile, its purpose extends beyond that role. This means that the procedures involved in a smile makeover treatment help to fix multiple dental issues that can affect your set of teeth, such as:

Tooth discolouration

Your teeth can be prone to intrinsic or extrinsic stains if you haven't undergone any dental treatments, like professional cleaning or teeth whitening, for a long time (or ever). A stained set of teeth can impede the overall appearance of your smile. Hence, a smile makeover treatment enables you to get rid of discoloured teeth and obtain a gleaming smile.

Dental crowding

Just like gaps between the teeth, crowded teeth too can impair the symmetry of your smile. When teeth are misaligned in such a manner, it can easily draw attention away from the rest of your facial features. Crowding can also weaken your oral hygiene. Thus, you will need to pursue aesthetic treatments like Invisalign aligners for orthodontic corrections.

Missing Teeth

Imagine that you already have a perfect smile; there is no discoloration or crowding. However, you are missing some teeth. Do you think it could affect your smile?

The answer is yes! Missing teeth can damage the beauty of your smile since these gaps are easily noticeable. Thus, you can restore your missing tooth or teeth with a dental implant or a bridge. . You can now beam with joy at your lasting and beautiful smile.

Broken or crooked teeth

The front teeth are the most common victims of chipped teeth. In addition to this, you can also develop a serious case of malocclusion. Also, you can experience misalignment due to crooked teeth. Hence, if you want to improve the alignment of your teeth while also enhancing their appearance, you will need to employ smile makeover treatments.

Composite bonding or veneers can easily solve the issue of chipped teeth, while crooked teeth can be corrected with orthodontic braces or aligners.

Gummy Smile

A gummy smile refers to the excess gum tissue that overlaps your upper teeth. This is one of the most common dental problems that can impact not only your smile but also your self-confidence. To address this issue, you can undergo a variety of cosmetic dental procedures such as gingivectomy or vestibuloplasty.

These treatments that are motivated towards restoring the aesthetic function of your teeth, will also aid to makeover your smile.

Top 5 Treatments are Involved in a Hollywood Smile Makeover

The following are a handful of the restorative and cosmetic dental treatments performed in a Hollywood smile makeover:

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are one of the most commonly used cosmetic dental treatments. They are thin shells of ceramic that are fused to the front teeth using bonding cement. As an effective approach to concealing cracks or chips on the teeth’s surface, veneers will leave you with a smoother and more natural smile. You can also use composite resin veneers for a straighter and brighter smile.

Dental Bridges and Crowns

In the case of a weak or fractured tooth, your teeth may require more strength than a simple aesthetic repair. Dental crowns and bridges are used to restore the functionality of your teeth. In addition to this, they can also help improve the appearance of your teeth since they can easily be made to match the color of your natural teeth or veneers.

Dental Implants

If you are missing a tooth or teeth, you will be unable to attain your ideal smile. Missing teeth can be detrimental to your overall appearance. Thus, you might need dental implants to help fill the gaps left by tooth loss. With the help of our orthodontic dental experts at Dr Michael’s Dental Clinic, you can get your visionary smile back!

The dental implants will be curated to look and feel natural with your remaining teeth. In this way, you can attain a perfectly full set of teeth.


Invisalign can be used for more advanced orthodontic problems such as crooked or slightly misaligned teeth. They are one of the most commonly used smile makeover treatments. Not sure what Invisalign is? Let us explain.

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that uses clear aligners to straighten your teeth's symmetry. The key highlight of Invisalign is that, while other orthodontic treatments like metal braces can hamper your smile throughout the journey of your dental treatment, Invisalign does the opposite.

You heard it right!

Invisalign are clear braces that improve the position of your teeth to enhance your smile. You will no longer need to worry about a train-track smile with these removable braces.

Teeth Whitening

Finally, a Hollywood smile makeover isn't complete until teeth whitening treatments are discussed. This means that, if you want to impart the "Hollywood" factor in to your smile, then you will need to incorporate regular teeth-whitening treatments into your dental care routine. In-office Zoom teeth whitening treatments are highly recommended by our dentists as the best go-to procedure for a star-studded smile.

Teeth-whitening treatments are the quintessential icing on the cake. Once you have completed all complex, structural, and realignment dental procedures, you can enhance your newly restored teeth with whitening treatments like Zoom teeth whitening.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Hollywood Smile Makeover?

The length of treatment depends more on the type of dental procedure you choose for your smile makeover.

However, the shortest amount of time required for any dental procedure related to a Hollywood smile makeover is 45 minutes to an hour for teeth whitening treatment. This means that in just under an hour, you can achieve a pearly white smile.

In contrast, the maximum amount of time required to achieve the results of a smile-based dental treatment is around a year, or slightly longer. It will take anywhere from 3–12 months to get the results of an Invisalign treatment, aka straightened teeth.

Regardless of these estimated treatment durations, your Hollywood smile solely depends on the complexity of your dental condition, your oral hygiene, the treatment plan designated for you, and your aftercare measures.

Do’s & Don’ts of a Hollywood Smile



But wait, there’s more!

Exclusive to Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic alone, we have innovative technology that aids in catering to all your needs concerning a perfect Hollywood smile.

Developed by our ace general and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Michael Formenius, “Couture Smile” is a novel concept aimed at revolutionising the world of aesthetic dentistry. This avant-garde approach to Hollywood smile makeovers includes not just revitalising your smiles but also repairing the gaps, chips, and worn and crooked teeth.

If you are looking for a minimally invasive, pain-free approach to a celebrity smile, then the Couture Smile treatment is the perfect fit for you.

So, what exactly happens during a Couture Smile treatment?

Apart from basing the personalization factor of this dental procedure solely on your teeth, couture smile treatment also takes into consideration your facial features, speech functions, body language, skin tone, and other parameters of your personality. These parameters are then used to create an appropriate smile makeover treatment for you

Hollywood smile makeovers are an integral element of aesthetic and restorative dentistry. The significance of these smile makeovers extends beyond just making your smile visually appealing. It also entails larger-than-life aspects such as improving your mental well-being, enhancing your confidence to remain proactive in a professional or social environment, and positively influencing your personality.

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