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How Can Dental Bonding Improve My Smile?

When it comes to dental cosmetics, there are multiple options to restore teeth to get that perfect smile you want. Front teeth can be restored with veneerscrowns, or dental bonding or a combination of these. Each method has specific dental requirements that need to be taken into consideration depending on the individual’s teeth and facial features.

Cosmetic dental bonding which includes the use of tooth-coloured fillings is very common practice to help restore teeth. Bonding can be done in the following cases:

  • To close minor gaps between the front teeth
  • Repair fractured teeth
  • Restore chipped edges of teeth
  • Change the tooth shape
  • Lengthen the tooth
  • To improve discoloured teeth

Dental bonding is easy, done in one visit, and is cost effective.
Cosmetic dental bonding is typically not a painful procedure, done without anesthetic, and may require minor drilling depending on the case. The treatment is easy, done in one visit, and is cost effective. The material dentists use for bonding is called “composite” and there are some points to keep in mind regarding this material. Composite is a resin-based material that bonds to the tooth when used for fillings. It is long lasting, very strong, and comes in multiple shades to match your current tooth color.

Nowadays, composite quality is very high, but over time composite does wear down and it may even chip away slightly based on your oral habits such as grinding or biting on hard objects like ice cubes. Composite can also discolour and become stained over time. To minimize staining you would need to reduce habits that stain teeth such as coffee drinking or smoking, brush your teeth twice daily, and visit your hygienist for a dental cleaning every 6 months.

If you are looking for a more permanent solution, you may consider porcelain veneers which are ceramic or porcelain restorations that would only cover the front of the tooth. Porcelain veneers would take a minimum of two dental visits, drilling and anesthetic is required, and is more costly than cosmetic dental bonding.

A consultation with the dentist can help you understand the options available to you and together, you and the dentist can customize the treatment to suit your cosmetic needs.


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