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When and How Should I Floss My Child’s Teeth?

About 30% of people lie about how they floss. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Flossing should be a part of everyone’s oral care routine and this habit should start early in life.

Brushing your child’s teeth twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste is essential but brushing alone is not enough to keep his or her mouth clean.

There are places toothbrushes can’t reach, especially those in between your child’s teeth. Flossing will help dislodge plaque and keep those areas clean.

Why is flossing important?

If we don’t floss, we miss cleaning one-third of our tooth surface. Poor oral hygiene leads to oral diseases such as cavities and gum diseases. Did you know that gum disease can lead to strokes, pneumonia and other health problems?

5 flossing tips for parents

  • Start early. Children should start to floss as soon as two of their teeth touch. Your child’s pediatric dentist is the best person to show you the right way to floss your child’s teeth.
  • Use flossers. Flossers like this one from Jordan allows you to floss your children’s teeth with ease.
  • Supervise your kids. Older children may be able to floss properly, but you may have to supervise your children until they’re about 8 to 10 years old.
  • Keep your floss/flossers handy. Store your floss/flossers in your car, bag and bathrooms. Keep them visible and it will serve as a constant reminder that you and your child should floss once a day.
  • Lead by example. Show your child that flossing is also a part of your daily routine. Floss together and keep it fun!
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Dr. Rafif Tayara
DDS, CES, Ped. Dent
Specialist Pediatric Dentist, Canada
Brand Ambassador Jordan Middle East

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