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Superfoods For A Healthier Smile

Uncover amazing secrets to a beautiful and healthy smile that are available right in your own kitchen!

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry launched a free e-booklet that showcases breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and dessert recipes using fruits, vegetables, grains and other ingredients experts have studied to be “super-smile” foods.

A lot of super-smile foods might surprise you! Did you know that that certain type of food naturally cleanse your teeth as you eat them?

Experts from the Paediatric Caries Research Foundation found out that Shitake mushrooms contain Lentinan which prevents bacteria in the mouth from growing.

Wasabi (Japanese version of horseradish) contains isothiocyanates that arrest bacterial growth.

The iron content from broccoli also helps form an acid-resistant film on the teeth. This film can help protect the enamel from erosion when exposed to acid-based drinks like cola.

Basil contains a content that acts as a natural antibiotic which reduce the bacteria in the mouth.

Carrots are a must for formation of the tooth enamel. Carrots and all crunchy veggies stimulate and make the gum healthy.

Celery is not only a good appetizer. It also boosts saliva production and dilutes sugar and acids in the mouth.

Ginger is an anti-inflammatory that keeps the mouth tissue healthy.

Vitamin C – packed Kiwi keeps our gums strong and healthy. A deficiency in Vitamin C can break down the collagentam network in your gums, making them tender and more at risk for gum disease.

Super-grain Quinoa is pumped with minerals including Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, and Phosphorus that strengthen teeth.

Relaxing green tea also reduces bacteria growth that causes gingivitis with its antioxidant content, catechin.

Pineapple helps you produce extra saliva. Combine that with citric acid and you have an all-natural bacteria fighting mouthwash.

Everyone’s favorite fruit, Vitamin C-rich Strawberries, have great “scrubbers”.  These red delights are high in fibers that are great for gum health.

Sesame seed known as “little scrubbers” are effective in reducing plaque. These seeds are also rich in calcium that is necessary for proper teeth formation.

Remember, all these are beneficial to our oral health if taken in moderation.

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