Toothbrush May Soon Dispense Caffeine and Appetite Suppressant

Toothbrush evolution has dawned upon humanity as the inventors at Colgate-Palmolive files a patent for avant-garde technology that could slowly release chemicals into your mouth as you brushed your teeth.

While a number of medicines like appetite suppressants could possibly be delivered, the idea appears to have spun off in the direction of a toothbrush with caffeine.

Along with dispensing different flavours like apple, strawberry and grape, the chemical-dispensing toothbrush can also deliver the following:

  • “Capsaicin, found naturally in chili peppers,” which would be used to create a warming sensation, or “a tingle, a hot or warm massage”
  • Chamomile, “often used medicinally against sore stomach” and a relaxant
  • Something that causes cooling sensation like lemon or mint
  • Medication for dry mouth
  • Benzocaine, “to be used for pain relief from teething or gum irritation in infants or children”
  • Appetite suppressants for “weight loss treatment”
  • Painkillers

Once the patent is approved, the reinvented toothbrush will help reinforce Colgate’s dominance in the healthcare market worldwide. Would you trade in your toothbrush for this new invention?

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