Why Are My Child’s Permanent Teeth Growing Out Yellow?

As our little one’s sixth birthday comes closer, we as parents get all excited as it is also the time when the tooth fairy’s first visit is due – and the new teeth are coming in.

One of the most common concerns that I come across is that parents get worried about the color of their children’s new teeth. Up until this point, they are used to seeing the milky white baby teeth. Permanent teeth have a bit of yellow shade in them.

By nature, baby teeth have thinner enamel, less amount of dentin which is less yellow in color. Permanent teeth have a greater amount of dentin, which is yellow in color. Since the enamel is translucent, the color of the dentin shows through, it is this generic difference between the structure of permanent and primary teeth that gives a yellow hue to permanent teeth.

During the routine checkup, I always inform parents not to be concerned about the changing shade of teeth. Once all the baby teeth fall out and there is no relevant comparison left, the new set of complete permanent teeth will appear fine.

The point of concern is when the color change is due to layers of plaque deposits which indicate improper brushing technique or irregular brushing routines.
In order to keep the little ones motivated, it is vital to keep the dental appointments every six months.
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