In Photos: AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master Training at Dr. Michael’s

Our hygienists had an AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master training with Hanan and EMS Dental.

Our dental hygienists had a training and demonstration of the new concept and technology of guided biofilm therapy or GBT using the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master.

One of our hygienists Hanan did the demo and showed the team the new technique and operation of the Swiss-made machine. Hanan received her training from the Swiss Dental Academy in Switzerland and serves as an ambassador for EMS Dental.

“The AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master is created to perform a minimally-invasive way of dental prophylaxis called Guided Biofilm Therapy. GBT is the most comfortable, efficient and gentle protocol using air flow to remove all the stains and biofilm (plaque). It cleanses and polishes in one single procedure. The whole technology comes with a no-pain ‘peizon’ instrument thereby that removes the remaining tartar in a minimally-invasive manner,” said Hanan.


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