Specialist Pediatric Dentists Complete the Buteyko Breathing Method Training

Our Specialist Pediatric Dentists completed a 3-day workshop on Buteyko Breathing Method and Oxygen Advantage® in Tampere, Finland.

11th February 2019, Finland: Our Specialist Pediatric Dentists Dr. Imneet Madan completed a 3-day workshop on Buteyko Breathing Method and Oxygen Advantage® in Tampere, Finland from the 8th to 10th of February.

The training was led by world-renowned breathing expert, Buteyko practitioner and author Patrick McKeown. It was attended by participants from Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia, Finland and the UAE.

The Buteyko Method is a holistic breathing technique designed to improve functional breathing patterns in both children and adults. This breathing technique started out as a popular therapy for patients suffering from asthma.

“Over the past number of years, studies about the Buteyko Method has shown that it is helpful in a number of breathing-related health conditions asthma, rhinitis from allergy or other origins, sleep apnea, insomnia, anxiety and problems surrounding children’s oral health and craniofacial development,” said Dr. Chantal.

“Proper breathing is important in improving health for people across all age groups. When the technique is done properly for children in particular, it can help heal adenoids without the need for hospitalizations. Proper breathing can also help develop good jaw sizes in young children and promote healthy teeth alignment, thereby preventing the need for braces or future extractions,” she continued.

Speaking about the benefits of the Buteyko method in the overall health, Dr. Imneet said, “There are six major exercises in this method that can be inculcated in the lifestyle of both children and adults. Slow inhalations, prolonged exhalations, followed by a pause is indeed an art of slow breathing that keeps our body increasingly chemosensitive to carbon dioxide. This increased sensitivity to carbon dioxide is desirable to increase the amount of oxygenation in the blood cells. A well-breathed body is healthy and active; and a well-breathed mind is more alert and focused.”

“This re- education lays quite a lot emphasis on nasal breathing which then restores the tongue at the right position in the roof of the mouth thus stabilizing the upper jaw growth and hence avoiding crowding of teeth and restricted jaw growth. Better breathing techniques will help strengthen the facial and oral muscles which allow for a healthier and a more balanced,” said Dr. Imneet.

To find out if your child could benefit from the Buteyko breathing method as part of his or her oral health, please call Dr. Michael’s Children’s Dental Center at 04 339 7700 to book an appointment.

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