In Photos: Cambridgeshire Nursery Parents’ Talk with Dr. Imneet Madan

Our Specialist Pediatric Dentist Dr. Imneet Madan visits Cambridgeshire Nursery for the second time.

Jan 20, 2018, Dubai, UAE: Our Specialist Pediatric Dentist Dr. Imneet Madan visits Cambridgeshire Nursery for the second time.

“It was great to see the parents listen intently and ask questions about their children’s oral health that have been in their minds for a long time. Thank you, Cambridgeshire Nursery, for your invitation,” said Dr. Imneet.

“We talked about brushing and brushing technique, fluoride, flossing, first dental checkups, the difference between a GP dentist and a pediatric dentist, lasers, dental treatments and behaviour managements in children.”

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