Couture Smile by Dr. Michael

Enjoy your Couture Smile from Dr. Michael Formenius

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Upgrade your look and confidence with Couture Smile™, a personalized smile makeover by Dr. Michael Formenius.

Dubai, UAE, February 26, 2015 – Dr. Michael Formenius, CEO and Clinical Director of Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinics, brings to the UAE his expertise in crafting individualized smiles. Couture Smile™ is the art of creating a smile that enhances the features of the face, while maintaining a beautiful balance in size, proportion, position, color and angulation of the teeth. It enhances the overall look of a person while at the same time, strengthening the surfaces of teeth that are continuously exposed to wear and tear.

Opting for Couture Smile is similar to choosing a tailor over a department store: you are given undivided attention and time, and eventually you take home a personalized product made specifically for you. Every patient is unique and a Couture Smile is set to complement a person’s overall look, personality and the way one expresses himself.

"Couture Smile™ is not just about covering what you don’t like about your teeth in cookie-cutter veneers," said Dr. Michael. According to him, "If you think of the lips as the stage, the gums as the curtains and the teeth as the actors — Couture Smile is about placing them correctly on stage. So when a person smiles, it looks natural, beautiful and gives that wow factor."

Further, Dr. Michael said that the ultimate smile makeover not only improves a patient’s beauty but also enriches one's emotional well-being. "A smile is something we all wear from the moment we wake up, go to work or socialize all throughout the day. I love giving my patients smiles that make them feel good about themselves and feel very proud of."

If you find yourself hiding a smile or covering your teeth because of embarrassment, Couture Smile is definitely for you. Offering the perfect solution for spaced, crooked, discolored and chipped teeth — Couture Smile™ is a great solution that will help you look younger and feel healthier. The painless procedure is faster than you think; divided into 3 to 4 appointments, it could be completed within 2-4 weeks.

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