Kind brushing teeth

British Children Earn Money by Brushing Teeth

We know how it can be such a struggle to get kids to brush their teeth. That’s why some parents ended up paying their young ones ‘competitive’ rates just to get them to brush their own teeth.

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A recent comprehensive study by Aquafresh among 2000 UK parents revealed that:

  • More than one in ten parents pay their children to brush their teeth.
  • One in five of those paying their child at least £1 (5.9aed) a day.
  • Of those who pay their children to brush, 1 in 50 parents pay their child £10 or more.
  • With the twice daily brushing recommendation, children are earning the equivalent of up to £150 per hour for brushing their teeth.
  • 8% of parents stated that they wish they had not started to pay their children for brushing their teeth.
  • 7% of parents threaten to withhold money if their kid’s teeth are decayed.

Like we said, brushing should not be a chore. Instilling an early habit of good oral hygiene is indeed a challenge but is certainly an important one.

Have you ever paid your children to brush their teeth before? Do you think it’s a good reward system?