Teeth whitening

Brighter Smiles: Fifty Shades of White

Wearing a whiter and brighter smile is quickly becoming one of the most in demand cosmetic dental ‘needs’. This has given birth to numerous DIY bleaching kits, over-the-counter solutions and in-office professional treatments.

White teeth are associated with youth, health and vitality. It’s astonishing how one’s looks are dramatically improved with a treatment as simple and economical as teeth whitening.

How white should you go?

“At the extreme end of the tooth whitening spectrum, ‘whitening addicts’ can bleach out the color, which is an esthetic violation; the teeth become more fluorescent and it almost hurts to look at them,” warns Dr. Frank Milnar, an educator of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

He offers the following recommendations:

  • Tooth colors need to be in harmony with the skin tone and whites of the eyes. Hollywood white’ smiles can be distracting because you tend to look only at a person’s teeth and not at their whole face.
  • A natural smile is actually “polychromatic” or a nuanced combination of colors.

Snow, eggshell, ivory and Ross Geller’s teeth are among the many shades of white. Visit any of our clinics and we’ll help you understand your options. After all, nothing looks better than a bright smile that naturally compliments your overall features.

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