What’s in a Smile

When you smile at somebody, it’s almost automatic that the person smiles back. It’s natural. We learned the ‘smile back’ reflex when we were babies. Have you ever come across a person who never really smiled?
While smiling has long been associated with happiness, some culture may depict it with dishonesty and superficiality. A Korean proverb says that a man who smiles a lot is not a real man. The Russians rarely smile and most of them perceive smiling at strangers in public unusual or even suspicious. In some Asian countries, smiling is sometimes used as a front for loneliness and embarrassment.
The Pan-Am Smile is named after the Pan American World Airways and is popularly used to describe a mechanical or obligatory smile.

The White Matter

Without a doubt, your smile creates an immediate and lasting impact on the people around you. A person who gives a perfunctory, tight or closed lipped smile wants to assemble an air of politeness. It can also be a sign of embarrassment or insecurity about the appearance of the teeth. This happens to a lot more people than we think.

Baby teeth are characteristically whiter than adult teeth. As we age, our teeth become yellower or darker. This is why we associate radiant white teeth with youth and vitality.

The main causes of discolored teeth include antibiotics (like tetracycline and some acne medications), genetics, smoking, acidic food, tooth decay, trauma and excessive levels of fluoride. Mouthwashes that contain Chlorhexidine, and tannins found in coffee and tea also cast brown stains on the enamel.

In-office treatment by a dental practitioner is considered the most effective and safest whitening option.

The Way To Pearly Whites

There are different ways to whiten teeth. You can either have dental professionals do it or you can do the treatment at home with commercially available do-it-yourself products.

Over- the-counter (OTC) products whitening kits are popular because they are less costly and are generally easy to use. These incudes enamel paints, whitening strips, gums and toothpastes, and mouth trays with gels.

In-office treatment by a dental practitioner is considered the most effective and safest whitening option. Dental experts are best qualified to carry out issues like teeth sensitivity. A single visit can brighten up your teeth to about 10 shades in about an hour.

Straight Away To Appealing Smiles

Do you feel overly self-conscious about your smile? Correcting crooked and misaligned teeth has great influence on one’s self-esteem.

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Take a BBC’s simple quiz about fake smiles here.

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