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ExpatWoman review: Dental consultation and teeth cleaning with Dr. Eman Haggag

12th September 2017, Dubai: Victoria from ExpatWoman visited our General Dentist, Dr. Eman Haggag at Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic in Umm Suqeim Clinic
Teeth cleaning is an important aspect of maintaining your oral health status and is genuinely recommended by dentists. You should attend routine appointments in between your dental checkups. I had the opportunity of trying the teeth scaling and polishing session at Dr. Michaels Dental Clinic in Umm Suqeim Clinic.
Dr. Eman came to greet me in the waiting area and explained that she was hosting my treatment and then guided me into the dental room. Once I settled into the dental chair, Dr. Eman started examining my teeth, which was followed by a precise consultation on the current health of my teeth and gums.
After the examination had finished the dental assistant provided me with protective glasses and paper bib to wear, she then checked to see if I was comfortable before beginning the treatment. Starting with the removal of the plaque and tartar build up on my teeth, she used an ultrasonic tool that uses fine vibrations to break up the stubborn build up, which I then rinsed away with water. She then went over the smaller, trickier areas with a hand tool and proceeded to smooth out the surface.
I enjoyed my visit to Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic and found it very insightful and I’m impressed by their excellent customer care and attention to detail for deep-cleaning. I will be booking in again for a routine appointment to maintain my healthy, shiny teeth!
We’d like to thank Victoria and we look forward to seeing her again.
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