Facial Aesthetic Design

The Next Step Towards Oral Healthcare For Life

April 26, 2012 – Our CEO & Clinical Director, Dr. Michael Formenius, along with one of our hygienists, Beverley Watson, took the center stage at the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club last Thursday. With over forty guests, they talked about Facial Aesthetic Design, dental hygiene and teeth whitening.

A few questions kicked off the talk and Dr. Michael started with a brief history of his practice and our clinics. He went on with a roundup of the make-up of the teeth, the power of a beautiful smile and the latest trends in aesthetic dentistry.

Dr. Michael introduced Facial Aesthetic Design (FAD) to the crowd and said, ‘If you just place a smile right in the face, then everything else becomes less invasive for you to take a procedure.’

To date, our clinics are home to seven specialists who have completed the Masters Level Achievement in Hands-On Aesthetic Continuum at The Rosenthal Institute in New York.

Through a perfect balance of science and artistry, FAD creates naturally beautiful smiles that fit the overall features of the face. This painless procedure of correcting and creating perfect smiles gives the face a vibrant ‘lift’ that incredibly takes several years off a person’s age.

Beverley talked about brushing, tongue cleansing and the other basics of dental hygiene. With the participation of the audience, she also demonstrated the proper way of flossing. She then continued with the different types of teeth whitening procedures and the many whitening options available today.

Everyone in the audience got goodie bags filled with dental products and information leaflets. Exclusive vouchers were also given to three lucky persons in the crowd.

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