Hilde Brunvoll Lyth, Up Close & Personal

It doesn’t matter where you live. Where you’re at right now is home. That’s according to one of our dental hygienists, Hilde. Born and raised in Norway, studied in Sweden and now living in the UAE, she has traveled past different cultures, lifestyle and of course, time zones.

While the world’s biggest McDonald’s opens up to the people of Beijing in 1992, somewhere on the other side of the planet, Hilde was busy preparing for her graduation. She bagged a degree in Dental Hygiene from Vårdhögskolan School of Science in Gävle and has been in practice for more than twenty years.

Hilde set out to work in Dubai in 2008, after a personal invitation from our CEO, Dr. Michael Formenius. A lot of patients come to her with mostly similar concerns – bleeding gums, tartar build-up and teeth stains. Her advice to her patients has always been the same – keep oral hygiene simple, brush and floss regularly.

Keep oral hygiene simple, brush and floss regularly. Be thorough with your explanation and talk to patients like grownups.
–Hygienist Hilde
Be thorough with your explanation and talk to patients like grownups. She receives good response and compliance with this mantra. By giving them the upper hand on their oral health, her patients feel confident and capable of taking good care of their teeth.

Hilde loves to read, you’ll find her engrossed in a book whenever she’s free. Downtime is spent with family and friends, catching up and having a BBQ. True to the Norwegian heritage of being born with skis on their feet, Hilde is up for any skiing getaway. She also enjoys hiking and playing golf when she’s away from the clinic. She and her family would also camp in the mountains, go wild with desert driving or go for a swim. With an obvious penchant for adrenaline rush, she also loves revving up with some electrifying action and adventure films.

She’s a bearer of all things positive. Over time, she’s learned much about the importance of open communication and honesty both personally and professionally. Who would not want to be with such a happy person?

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