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Keep Your Teeth Healthy With Cheese

If you’re one of the millions of people who love cheese, then this news is set to make you smile even wider.

Consuming cheese and other dairy products may help protect teeth against plaque acid and cavities – that’s according to the new study published in the May/June 2013 issue of General Dentistry, the peer-reviewed journal of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD).

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The researchers discovered that cheese creates a film around teeth which further protects it against the acids that attack enamel. They also believe that eating cheese raises the amount of saliva in the mouth which is the body's natural way of maintaining a healthy pH level. This helps reduce cavities forming in teeth because it neutralises plaque acid.

It looks like dairy does the mouth good," says AGD spokesperson Seung-Hee Rhee, DDS, FAGD. "Not only are dairy products a healthy alternative to carb- or sugar-filled snacks, they also may be considered as a preventive measure against cavities."

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