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Tips On Keeping Kids’ Teeth Healthy This Halloween

Trick or treat!

The sweet season is here and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) is giving you some tips on preserving the health of your child’s teeth this Halloween and the entire year.

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  • Mix in healthy snacks like cheese, fruits, grains and milk along with Halloween treats.
  • Avoid chewy treats that stick to teeth.
  • Monitor candy consumption. Allow Halloween treats in moderation.
  • Take the fear out of flossing. Teach your child to floss for improved oral health at Halloween. Remember, you can start flossing your child’s tooth as soon as two of the teeth touch each other.
  • Make tooth brushing especially fun this Halloween. Seasonal tooth brushes featuring Halloween themes can get your child excited about taking care of his tiny teeth.
  • Pass out alternative goodies to ghouls and goblins such as crackers, rice crispy treats, etc.
  • With all the sweets being passed around this holiday, Halloween is a great time for parents to schedule a pediatric dental appointment for their young ones.

Enjoying treats and candies on Halloween is just like taking a vacation – children must not make it a habit.

The AAPD says occasional snacking will not harm teeth. It’s the frequency and the degree to which children consume sweets and candies that impose greater risks for tooth decay.

Remember, the longer your child’s teeth are exposed to sugars, the longer the tooth decay-causing bacteria feed on them.

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Updated: 31 November 2017


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