Laser-Assisted Dental Treatment to Save Baby Teeth from Extractions

Sedation Dentistry

Infection of the tooth arising from deep cavity is quite common in young children. In most cases, it is due to Early Childhood Caries (ECC) aka baby bottle tooth decay.

In these scenarios, there are two options that can be offered by your pediatric dentist – (1) removing the baby tooth and replacing with a space maintainer or (2) doing the laser-assisted root canal treatment and saving the baby tooth.

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Premature loss of baby tooth at any age can be traumatic. It can lead to speech defect and poor nutrition/feeding. It can result in crowded, crooked permanent teeth.

Therefore, the alternative involving laser-assisted root canal treatment approach can be a better treatment.

In this case presentation, a 4-year old girl was seen with infection of front tooth after a traumatic fall.

Fig. 1: Primary upper anterior tooth 61 with fistula. Fig. 2 & 3: Zinc oxide eugenol obturation was done followed by GC Fuji IX base fill and composite fill on top. Fig. 4: Primary upper anterior teeth after treatment.
Both erbium and diode laser wavelength were used, and root canal treatment was completed.

The child was able to cope well with the treatment under conscious sedation using laughing gas or nitrous oxide. No drills, no anesthesia was needed. The tooth showed long term success of more than 28 months. This time period was quite appreciable as tooth was now close to exfoliation.

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Two different types of lasers were used in this treatment. One works with hard surface of the tooth to clean the decay and the other one works on the bacteria inside the root canal.

Laser-assisted treatment approach means: no needles, no drills, better sterilization, long-standing success of the treatment, as well the better acceptance of the entire treatment by the child.

See full article published on the International Journal of Laser Dentistry.

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