Oral Care Tips for Children During Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and for most kids (and adults), this means bags of candies and stashes of sweets that could very well last all throughout winter! Knowing that tooth decay is the most common chronic disease in young children, Halloween can also present a challenge to most parents.

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Here are a few tips to keep our children’s teeth healthy this Halloween.

  • 01Let your children enjoy their Halloween treats with meals or right after mealtime. It is during this time that saliva production is high and can better help in rinsing away food particles in the mouth and protecting the teeth.

  • 02Keep your young ones’ Halloween candies in a sealed container and set a ‘candy schedule’ when your children can have a treat.

  • 03Avoid hard candies and sweets that stay in the mouth for a long time. These can also get stuck in between your children’s teeth and cause cavities.

  • 04See to it that your children rinse their mouth thoroughly with water after eating candies, sweets and any other snack for that matter.

  • 05Encourage your children to drink plenty of water. If you opt to give them bottled water, choose the one with fluoride content in it.

  • 06Avoid giving them sugared drinks like soft drinks and flavoured waters. The sugar content in these drinks increases the risk of tooth decay.

  • 07Make sure that your children brush their teeth twice daily for two minutes and floss their teeth regularly.

Halloween is the perfect time to teach your kids the importance of keeping their teeth and gums healthy. Don’t deny your children a fun Halloween experience – or they may end up sneaking their hard-earned sweets or eating too much when they’re on their own.

Have a healthy Halloween!

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