The Wonders Dental Veneers Bring to a Smile

The demand for elective dental esthetic procedures has grown a lot in the last decade. More and more patients want to have a beautiful healthy smile.
Thanks to the new advances in adhesive dentistry we can now restore smiles with minimal compromise to dental tissues/teeth.
One of the least invasive procedures in restoring smiles would be Veneers.

What are Veneers?

Veneers are thin laminates made of porcelain of an average thickness as low as 0.5mm that are placed over the front part of teeth.
Many factors are taken into consideration such as altering the size, shape, alignment as well as color of the teeth all to enhance a smile.

How Long Does A Smile Makeover Process Take?

Planning for a smile makeover is the most important part of the treatment.

In the first visit, the dentist will take impressions of the teeth to study the case. Additionally, they will take a series of photos and videos to analyze the patient’s smile and its relation with the lips, face and personality of the patient

This will allow the dentist to perform a Digital Smile Design. The purpose is to give each patient a beautiful, but also personalized smile that becomes an integral part of their identity.

The next visit is when the patient sees the future smile design before even starting the treatment through what is called a Mock up.

Once the patient approves the design of their new smile, in most cases, the dentist will judge necessary to shave a little from the teeth with minimal invasive preparation techniques to prepare for the veneers.

The third and last visit, which usually is a few days later, is when the patient gets the final veneers. The veneers are first tried in, then bonded through a meticulous protocol.

Can I Get A Beautiful Smile Without Cutting From My Teeth?

Yes; Theoretically, it is possible but to a very limited number of cases.

This will depend on the alignment of the teeth, the color change and the reason why the teeth are being veneered, as well as the patient’s oral hygiene.

It is best to consult a dentist to find the most suitable treatment plan for you specifically, following your personal dental requirements.

Misconception About Veneers

Some people may see and read about different types of veneers. It is important to emphasize on the fact that a veneer is a veneer.

It could be made with Lithium disilicate ceramics or Feldspathic ceramic or any other type of ceramics.

The dentist will decide which to use based on what best fits your diagnosis. What matters the most, is the technique used to avoid over cutting tooth structure and the bonding protocol.

Advantages of getting veneers

Getting rid of stained teeth

Veneers bring a more permanent result in comparison to other options such as teeth whitening. It is a long-lasting solution that avoids stains or discoloration

With proper maintenance on your dental care, even after many years your smile will look just as good from when you first got the veneers.

Fixing chips and other damages on the enamel

Any damage or anomaly in enamel can easily be fixed with veneers which remains one of the least invasive dental procedures & would often last longer than direct bonding & composites.

Although, with the expertise of a dentist, they have dental solutions such as veneers to restore your smile.

Personalized to be individually made for you

One of the greatest benefits of veneers is how they are customized to perfectly compliment your facial structure.

It is significant to know that if a set of veneers looks good on one certain individual, it does not mean that it will perfectly work for your dental case.

This can be professionally designed to become natural looking. A dentist will create the smile you desire and is driven to bring you results better than expected.

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Dr. Amir Hadjhamou
DDS, AEU, DU, CES (France)
Specialist in Prosthodontics, Aesthetic Dentistry
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