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Coffee Morning at Safa Early Learning Centre – Al Badaa

As part of our oral health awareness campaign, our Pediatric Dental Specialist and School Project Coordinator visited Safa Early Learning Centre for a coffee morning.

November 13, Dubai, UAE: Our Pediatric Dental Specialist Dr. Mai Kamar and our School Project Coordinator had the opportunity to visit Safa Early Learning Centre – Al Badaa for a coffee morning.

Dr. Mai discussed the importance of finding a dental home for children and explained why it is important to bring a child to a dentist as soon as the first tooth comes out or no later than a child’s first birthday.
“At a dental home or on your dental visit, your dentist will give you advice on proper feeding habits. Your dentist will give you advice on your child’s milestones, on how to prevent trauma and will educate you on oral hygiene and fluoride,” said Dr. Mai.

Dr. Mai also showed videos on how to clean baby’s teeth, how to deal with teething and the ideal way of bottle-feeding a baby to avoid Early Childhood Caries.

The moms raised questions about toothbrushing and the amount of fluoride that’s safe for kids.

“Fluoride is a mineral that will fill gaps done by the bacteria in the mouth. The bacteria use the sugar in the mouth to produce acid which eventually form holes and dissolves the calcium salts out of the tooth. When you use toothpaste with fluoride, the fluoride patches those holes. This is how fluoride protects and remilitarizes the teeth.”

We’d like to thank Safa Early Learning Centre and the parents for inviting us and taking the time to attend today’s session.

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