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Specialist Pediatric Dentist Dr. Imneet Madan Visits Tender Hearts Arena

Dr. Imneet Madan    3415

13th June 2017, Dubai, UAE: Our Specialist Pediatric Dentist Dr. Imneet Madan recounts her experience carrying out dental checkups for children at Tender Hearts Arena.

Tender Hearts Arena is an initiative that pursues to constantly improve the social, behavioral and life skills of special needs children. Their primary focus is to boost the self-esteem of these young individuals and to better their learning skills, which could potentially improve their personal sense of accomplishment.

Being a part of the panel at Tender Hearts Arena is very humbling. It always brings me such joy to be able to see the kids and cater to their dental needs in the most convenient manner possible.

During my recent visit, I was able to conduct an interactive session involving dental tips, nutrition and a discussion about the importance of oral health.

According to the Chinese proverb, ‘A little bit of fragrance always stays in the hand that gives out roses.’ During this holy month of Ramadan, I am so thankful for the opportunity to interact and spend time with the children who are indeed so special and gifted in many ways.

Special needs falls under one of the streams that is closely related to pediatric dentistry. Children with special needs require extra care and attention when receiving dental treatment. Some may have conditions or limitations that can make standard procedures more challenging.

If the dental problems are minor, the treatment can be conducted in the dental office. In case the child is not able to cope at all, general anesthesia in the hospital can be used in order to complete the necessary dental procedure.

The concept of special needs dentistry is to encourage and focus on the importance of one’s dental health. It also goes hand in hand with good oral hygiene and being aware of prevention.

It was an honor to serve the kids at Tender Hearts. I can’t wait to see them again.

Tender Hearts Arena provides a happy, secure and friendly environment for children with special needs. Visit www.tenderhearts.ae to volunteer or know more about them.

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